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Boston Gay Pride 2008 - Transgender Pride Parade, Northamption, MA

Transgender pride on parade: Public celebration by very disturbed people. Gruesome display of body mutilations.

This is what your politicians, corporations, and schools are supporting.

June 15, 2008

Caution: Some of the photographs below are extremely disturbing.

(Also below: video and links to more photos.)



If you walked onto the main street in Northampton, MA on Saturday, June 7, this is what you would have run into. In foreground: woman with beard (wearing green cap) and two men with breasts (in red shirt and blue hat).

This is what's coming to your public schools. Gunner Scott (in photos below), a woman with a beard and sideburns, is a major figure in the state-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which runs homosexual programs in schools across the state. (The Legislature is giving them $850,000 of your money in 2009.)  Gunner also runs the ultra-radical Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, which was a major organizer and promoter of this hideous parade. 

Major organizer: Gunner Scott (bearded woman in yellow shirt) marching in parade and speaking to activists directly after parade.

In the public schools now:

Here's just one of the pamphlets being distributed in Massachusetts schools.

Transgender workshop given to kids at Brookline High School

Gruesome public display of body mutilations:  

This is where the transgender movement wants to take us. These women have purposefully had their breasts surgically cut off because they want to become men. Obviously, this surgery cannot be reversed. As a further act of defiance and expression of their anger at "transphobic" society, they remove their shirts and parade their scars in public. They also take huge amounts of male hormones. These people have very, very serious psychological issues.

Northampton passed a "transgender non-discrimination" ordinance which protects "gender expression" similar to what the transgender movement wants to pass statewide. If Bill H1722 (see signs in top photo) passes, then scenes like this could become commonplace across the state, and it would be illegal not to allow or even to criticize such displays.

In the photos below all of the shirtless people are women. Several also take huge doses of hormones to grow facial hair.





Bearded women . . .

Some also appear to have had breast removal surgery.

Weirder and weirder. Left: note the shirt says "Self-Made Man".  At right, two "transgender" females, one with beard, posing as men married to each other. Signs both say, "My husband is transgendered".

Video from parade:

This 18-minute video is a taste of what it was like being there.

Hear the speakers talk about their transgender experiences, including a mother of a "transman" - a daughter who "became" a man. And much more.

More photos from this parade:


PART 2:  The cross-dressing men


PART 3:  Weird handouts, flyers, and more