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Your dollars at work this Saturday: "Youth Pride" day on Boston Common, featuring cross-dressers, "gay youth" parade, and transgender "prom".

Kids to be bussed in from all over the state!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tomorrow - Saturday, May 10 - is the annual crowning glory of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Massachusetts Legislature gives the homosexual groups targeting children in the schools. "Youth Pride Day" is a convergence of hundreds of kids bussed in from across the state (in cooperation with student gay clubs) and adult activists, many of them men wearing women's clothes and other bizarre things.

The event even has its own permanent website.

It starts at noon with a huge "celebration" on the Boston Common. Later they have the kids march in a "gay youth" parade through downtown Boston past the State House. Then in the evening is the "transgender prom" with kids mixing with adults in the dark recesses of Boston City Hall (thanks to pro-gay Mayor Tom Menino). According to the homosexual movement, it's all for "student safety." Words can't describe how weird it really is.

Pictures and video from last year's "Youth Pride Day" activities.

This year it looks to be worse than ever. The theme appears to be "the transgender movement". Here are a few of the highlights they've advertised will be featured at this year's event:

  • Returning from last year, the MC for the "celebration" will be Raquel Blake - a man who dresses as a woman. He is known for his very crude and obscene "act". Here are some videos:

         (Warning: VERY vulgar language)
         Raquel Blake Video #1:
         Raquel Blake Video #2:

    "Raquel" Blake, right, in this two-man transexual show.

  • "All the King's Men" - an all-female transsexual theatre troupe that acts out female-to-male transgenderism. Two of the females now have beards.

  • An award will be given to hardcore homosexual activist Mark Snyder. Few of their activists are as vile and disturbed as Snyder. A man in his mid-20s, Snyder continues to focus on kids in high school. This past year he attended at least one event at Acton-Boxborough High School. Later, in a particularly cruel and disgusting series of incidents, Snyder repeatedly contacted the special-needs daughter of MassResistance staffer Amy Contrada and attempted to persuade the daughter to "come out" as a lesbian. Snyder also organized other homosexual activists, including a Boston Globe reporter and a "Youth Pride Day" official, to contact the girl and attack and harrass the family. See report on that incident.

    In 2002 Snyder organized a desecration of a Catholic Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross which included a "Queer Kiss-In". In 2005 he led a protest against a Focus on the Family conference outside the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston. Snyder dragged coffins in front of the church doors and demonstrators screamed obscenities with bullhorns. It was so horrific that Boston riot police were called to protect the attendees.

This is just part of what will be happening on Saturday - and what your Legislature is giving even MORE of your money to pay for next year!