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Homosexual activists incite kids to block, harrass, assault photographers at gay "youth pride" day

Violation of state laws, but no problem for them. . .

May 19, 2008

The state-sponsored gay "Youth Pride" day on May 10 on the Boston Common was even worse than we expected.
 But especially troubling was how the the adult activists incited the kids to "send a message" to photographers they suspected being connected with MassResistance. They whipped the kids into a frenzied, angry state, and as police watched they surrounded, screamed and cursed at, blocked and pushed the cameras, and even assaulted the photographers, including an elderly lady. It was a hideous scene.

This 38-minute video is worth watching - you will see a lot!

 (Also note: At the same time, several photographers for homosexual websites were allowed to shoot unimpeded, and the following day over 350 photos of the kids were on gay websites.)

There were no arrests and no charges of disorderly conduct -- or Civil Rights violations. This would seem to be a very clear violation of the Massachusetts’ Civil Rights statutes.  But as has happened so much in the past, normal laws don't apply to angry homosexual activists. They can do what they want.

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