Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

MassResistance files papers for Referendum Petition to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law" - exporting gay "marriage" across America!  Signature gathering to begin soon.

Unlike with the Marriage Amendment, a vote of the people CANNOT be stopped by the Legislature if we get the signatures! We'll officially need 33,297 good signatures by approximately mid-October, but to be safe we really need at least 40,000.)

Current status:

According to law, before we can start collecting signatures the Attorney General's office must decide whether our request is legal and does not deal with "excluded matters." The AG also must draft a "fair and concise" summary of the law, for the petition sheets.

The AG has had the referendum in its office since Thursday, Aug. 14. They've already drafted the summary, and we've approved it. Then they ran the summary by "possible opponents" for comment. Naturally, the "opponents" wanted to change the wording to be favorable to them. But we pointed out that their reasons were frivolous. We're also waiting hear back on that.

On the legality of our request, we cannot see any possible reason it can be denied. But we also know that Attorney General Martha Coakley is a passionate public supporter of the homosexual movement. So we're prepared to go to the wall on this.

We've been pressing the AG's office hard to get this through. On Friday, we were told that a decision would be made "within hours". Nothing happened. What a surprise. We'll be pressing them on Monday morning.

After it gets out of the AG's office it will take a few days for the Secretary of State's office to get the petitions printed up, then we're off and running.

 More info being added - come back soon!