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National gay groups pouring in money to lobby Mass. Legislature. Poised to export our "gay marriage" across the country by repealing "1913 Law".

"We've brought on board the two best lobbyists in the State House", says MassEquality

July 14, 2008

The national homosexual movement is funding a huge lobbying effort over the next few days to persuade the Massachusetts Legislature to repeal the "1913 Law" which would allow out-of-state "gay" couples to legally "marry" in Massachusetts -- and then cause havoc in their home states. Currently, out-of-state couples can not marry in Massachusetts if that marriage would be illegal in their home state. (See our report with the language of the bill.)

The Massachusetts Senate is scheduled to vote on it on TOMORROW -Tuesday. If it passes the Senate, the House will vote on it later in the week.

Exporting "gay marriage" to cause legal challenges and havoc in other states from Massachusetts has long been a goal of the homosexual movement. But this law has stood in the way. They have tried to repeal it in the past, but with pressure from citizens and MassResistance, it never got out of committee. Now, with only days left in the 2008 legislative session, they suddenly pulled it out of committee and they're trying to push it through into law.  The Governor has said he'd sign it.

Money flowing in to lobby legialsture

The national homosexual group "Human Rights Campaign" is funding a quick push to inundate the State House. They are giving MassEquality a $25,000 matching grant. (And that's just what we know about.)

This email was sent by the homosexual lobby group MassEquality to its supporters:

Dear xxxxx,

It's time to put an end to a final strand of marriage discrimination in our Commonwealth: the discriminatory 1913 law that bars out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying here.

The Massachusetts Legislature is planning to take up legislation repealing this outdated law as early as next week. This is the result of intensive lobbying work we've done -- in partnership with the lead Senate champion of the bill, Dianne Wilkerson -- as well as the recent events in California.

Please take action to make sure this bill passes by contacting your legislators today to ask them to repeal the 1913 law.

The recent decision in favor of marriage equality in California, which has no similar law barring out-of-state couples, makes this all the more urgent. We should be encouraging committed couples to come to our state -- the first in the nation to have marriage equality -- to marry, not turning them away at the border.

Click here to send your legislators an email asking them to repeal the 1913 law.

We've brought on board two of the best lobbyists in the State House to help us finish the job on the 1913 law repeal. We need your help to pay for their work.

In fact, we have a special deal for you: for everyone who contributes at least $191.30 to this effort, we will send a note to former Governor Mitt Romney letting him know that a contribution of that amount was made to MassEquality in Mitt's honor to support repeal of the 1913 law (don't worry: we will not share your name with him). Romney turned to that law, which was used to limit the number of interracial marriages performed in Massachusetts, to reject out-of-state gay and lesbian couples.

Thanks, as always, for your support.


Marc Solomon
Executive Director

P.S. GIVE NOW and your gift will be doubled -- matched dollar-for-dollar by a $25,000 grant provided by the Human Rights Campaign.

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