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Governor signs "1913 Law" repeal with gala State House ceremony

Arrogantly celebrates spread of same-sex "marriage" across America

July 31, 2008

After the Legislature kept their promises to the homosexual lobby and even passed the new, practically referendum-proof version of the 1913 Law repeal on Wednesday afternoon, the Governor wasted no time having a splashy State House signing ceremony. So Thursday morning they put on a big media event at the Grand Staircase.  He proudly signed the bill and made a celebratory speech congratulating everyone.

(Video from WBZ-TV Channel 4 coverage.)

 In other words, he used the media event to arrogantly rub it into the faces of all of the "backward" traditional citizens who don't agree with him. Sorry to say it, but there's something really nasty about this man.

And just for good measure, he used the occasion to sign the "Mass Health Equality Bill" which was also pushed through the Legislature by the homosexual lobby and their lackeys in the House and Senate Leadership. This new law forces Massachusetts taxpayers to pay homosexual couples health benefits that they can't get through the state's Medicaid program -- since that program is federally funded, and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prevents it from giving benefits to homosexual couples. Another benefit of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts!
 We're glad we weren't at the State House for this one.

Gushing Boston Globe article:
Same-sex couples applaud repeal - Mass. opens door for out-of-state gays to marry