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Hideous gay 'protests' in Boston and around the country -- threatening churches and private citizens, attacking pro-marriage supporters

Supported by Massachusetts members of Congress!

November 21, 2008

1. Homosexuals stage huge Fascist-like Prop 8 protest in Boston

If you've ever seen the old newsreels from pre-WWII Germany, you'd notice an eerie feeling seeing the homosexual anti-Proposition 8 "protest" rally at Boston City Hall last Saturday. It was easily the largest single homosexual event of the dozens organized around the country that day. It was carefully calculated to ignite the passions of the participants against people of faith and those with traditional values.

Crazed homosexual activists at Boston rally screaming slogans.

What was it like?  The main speaker was Chris Mason, a hardcore homosexual activist with a long history of venom and rage against people of faith. He did his job of enflaming passions quite well that day. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself:

          VIDEO from homosexual anti-Prop 8 rally in Boston

2. MassResistance counter-demonstration in Boston: police needed to stop gay violence

A group of about 20 MassResistance people had decided to stage a peaceful counter-demonstration in Boston. With the permission of the Boston police they set up over to the side with a few signs and pro-marriage banners. The "peaceful" part didn't last very long. A mob of enraged homosexual activists came and surrounded them and attacked them. But the MassResistance people stood their ground, and soon the police restored a semblance of order. Nevertheless, the crowd of activists continued to surround them, scream at them, block their banner with gay signs and flags, and do whatever they could to harass and intimidate them.  But they got the point that our side was not about to back down.

Out of control. Mob of angry homosexual activists (with signs and "gay flag") attack peaceful MassResistance people, tearing down white pro-marriage banner. Luckily, Boston police were able to restore some order.

Sign in foreground says: "Step onto the Gay Side! You know you want to. God don't discrimate [sic] only Haters!!!"

It's very clear that the homosexual activists do not consider reason, discourse, and general citizenship to play any part in their game plan. It's all about anger, emotion, and doing whatever it takes to get their way.

3. Across America: Intimidation, rage, religious bigotry, violence as homosexuals "protest" their losses in Marriage Amendment votes.

The homosexual movement's organized response to losing popular votes on Marriage Amendments has exposed their total dysfunction. America has never seen this kind of barbarism. From posting a list of Proposition 8 donors (so they can more easily be harassed) to terrorizing Mormon churches, to rioting, to displaying vile anti-Christian signs - it's truly a sickening sight.

Rather than having us describe it, look for yourself at some of the videos that have been posted. You will see the true nature of the homosexual movement. This is how they want to rule you.

  • San Francisco: Homosexual mob attacks group of Christians, sexually assaults one of the men. Squad of police needed to guard Christians as they leave the area.  See the VIDEO.

  • New York City: Screaming "Fascist Church" a large mob of homosexuals terrorizes Mormon temple.  See the VIDEO.

  • In Los Angeles the largest and most venomous attack was against a Mormon Temple. It lasted over ten hours. Words can't describe it: you need to look for yourself.
    Video #1      Video #2      Video #3      Video #4

  • Even the Fox News building in Los Angeles endured a terrifying riot, apparently because they didn't cover the homosexuals' issues as biased as the other networks. See the VIDEO.

  • Northampton, Massachusetts: A bizarre "transgender" speaker reminding us that the next frontier for the homosexual movement is the state supporting having one's mutilated to "change" your sex.
    MassResistance Blog with link to video.

  • Los Angeles: Well-known Mexican Restaurant forced to donate $500 to homosexual group because manager donated $100 to Proposition 8. Homosexual activists converged on the restaurant and threatened patrons. See the VIDEO.  Also see LA Times article

  • "Cry Babies" - a fascinating and frightening video that analyzes the rage of the homosexual movement's recent attacks.
    See the VIDEO.

Newspaper article:

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Mormon scum': Gay marriage backers focus anger on church

Very good opinion articles:

If Democracy Doesn't Work, Try Anarchy
by Chuck Norris

The insane rage of the same-sex 'marriage' mob
by Michelle Malkin

A sign at the Seattle rally - fairly typical anti-Christian message.

4. Two members of Congress participate in Boston homosexual "protest", endorse the disgusting "efforts" to overturn Prop 8.

Express YOUR outrage to both of them.

The videos and other news accounts of the homosexual "protests" since the November 4 elections ought to disgust just about everyone. After all of that vile public behavior, the hideous religious bigotry, and harassment and intimidation of innocent people, would anyone want to be associated with it -- much less endorse it?

Well, it doesn't seem to be any problem to two members of Congress from Massachusetts, US Rep Nikki Tsongas and US Rep Michael Copuano. After all that's happened, they enthusiastically participated in the Boston rally. Check out the video:

     VIDEO of Boston homosexual rally featuring two members of Congress


U.S. Rep Nikki Tsongas and U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano exhort crowd at rally


This is an OUTRAGE!  Every good person in America should be disgusted by this. No matter WHERE you live, you have an obligation to let these two know that their endorsement of this vile behavior over the last few weeks is not just un-American, it's inhuman.  Contact BOTH of them:

Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas

   (Massachusetts 5th District)
   Website: http://tsongas.house.gov/
   Website: http://nikitsongas.com/

   Washington office: Phone: 202-225-3411   Fax: 202-226-0771

   Local offices (address, phone, fax):  LINK to local office contact list

   Other local contact info: Phone: 978-458-6454

   Email: ntsongas@nikitsongas.com

Congressman Michael Copuano

   (Massachusetts 8th District)
   Website: http://www.house.gov/capuano/index.shtml

   Washington office:  Phone: 202-225-5111   Fax: 202-225-9322

   District office:   Phone: 617-621-6208   Fax: 617-621-8628

   Email:  Email form