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Massachusetts Governor berates MassResistance for having "an attitude."

Governor says he'd meet with MassResistance, but "attitude" is a problem

July 14, 2008

At the recent July 10 "Governor's Town Hall" meeting in Hull, Pastor Kevin Thompson did what everybody ought to do: He went to the Governor's "Town Hall" meeting in Salem and asked a direct question.   And it wasn't the kind of question a lot of the squishy liberals who showed up probably wanted to hear.

(Note: Video camera was held by Kevin, so it moves around a little bit.)

In the video, Kevin Thompson put it right to the Governor:

"You say you want to be the governor of all the people. But it seems that the people who have your ear are the left wing, the radical homosexual groups, things of that nature. You're willing to meet with MassEquality, but not MassResistance. Would you be willing to meet with MassResistance?"

The Governor beat around the bush a bit, but Kevin persisted. His Excellency finally said:

" . . . I don't know about MassResistance. If they have an attitude, then the chances are I'm not going to meet with them. But if they want to bring a view forward -- and people have and do -- then I'll meet with them. Sure."

Us? Have an attitude?  MassResistance pleads: Guilty as charged. Nevertheless, the next day we submitted a formal request to the Governor's staff for a meeting. We're willing to be reasonable!

We'll see what happens. Our guess: he'll find a reason not to do it. (Hmmm. Would he seriously claim that the homosexual groups don't have an attitude?)

Of course , consider that our Governor (among other things) raises money for the homosexual lobby, lobbied hard for “gay marriage”, supports homosexual programs in the public schools, claims he’ll sign the repeal of the “1913 Law”, and marched in the “Gay Pride” paradejust steps behind two sadomasochistic torture groups, many carrying whips, including a bare-chested man with his nipples pierced with rings.  And he meets frequently with MassEquality but hesitates to meet at all with MassResistance. 

Can you blame parents and citizens for maybe having just a bit of an attitude?

Also: Check out the local (liberal-leaning) Hull newspaper account of the meeting -- leading off with the exchange between Kevin Thompson and the Governor!