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Massachusetts Legislature continues doing business with no quorum - contrary to Constitution. On New Years Eve: 3 Senators meet and pass laws!

Media just shrugs shoulders, doesn't consider it newsworthy.

January 4, 2009

Do Constitutions even matter anymore? It's no wonder that almost no one questioned the constitutionality of a court imposing same-sex "marriages" in Massachusetts. People in power just ignore it when it suits them.

As we've been reporting, the Massachusetts House and Senate are continuing to "pass" bills into law with as few as 2 members present, even though the Constitution requires a majority as a quorum to legally conduct business. (Total members: House=160, Senate=40).

MassResistance report: Mass. Legislature ignores constitution.

The few members present simply pretend that there's a quorum, with the understanding if a member stands up and officially asks for a count, they have to stop. Literally hundreds of bills have been passed this way over the last few months. Many of these bills would probably have trouble getting passed if a quorum of members were there to debate. It's particularly troublesome that a large number of bills are for the benefit of a single person, usually a state employee who is granted a special pension, or special sick leave benefits, etc.

Here's an example: On New Year's Eve, Sen. Anthony Petruccelli (D-East Boston) and Sen. Bob Hedlund (R-Weymouth) -- just the two of them -- constituted an official "informal" meeting of the Massachusetts Senate.

Some of the interesting things that Sens. Petrucelli and Hedlund "passed" that day (Source; State House News):

  • PARKING IN BUS STOPS: The Senate enacted H 4891 increasing the fine for parking in posted bus stops to $100.00.

  • BREASTFEEDING IN PUBIC. This bill would have never passed normally. No longer. The Senate enacted S 2438, which says that no business or public accommodation may restrict public breastfeeding in any way, or else face prosecution. Moreover, even criticizing a woman who breastfeeding can lead to a $500 fine. (A hate crime?) A draconian victory for the "me" generation. There are some places where it's simply not appropriate, or at least should be done with a bit of modesty.

    Boston Herald editorial on breastfeeding bill: "Make-work on the Hill"

  • SOUTH HADLEY: The Senate ordered to third reading and passed H 4419 relative to exempting the position of school custodian in the town of South Hadley from the provisions of civil service law.

  • WAREHAM - ALCOHOL LICENSES: The Senate adopted a Pacheco amendment and passed S 2741 to authorize the town of Wareham to issue eight additional licenses for the sale of all-alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises.

  • AND THERE'S A LOT MORE:  Read State House News report of the entire Senate "session" for New Years Eve 12/31/2008.

As we've said before, it's a complete disregard for the Constitution. Heck, why even bother electing 40 Senators and 160 Representatives anyway, if just two of them can sit down and pass laws? We've discussed this with numerous public officials and members of the media. No one we've spoken to denies that it's illegal. They all shrug their shoulders and say that it's just "what they have to do to get things done."

This is an outrage.

In any case, we will continue to push on this in any way we can. If you think you can help with this, by all means let us know.


You can do something. Demand some answers: Where does the Legislature get the right to pass bills without a quorum, as MANDATED by the Constitution? Why don't the House and Senate list the members who attend these "informal" sessions? Why is this allowed? Why is the news media in the tank on this?

Tell Gov. Deval Patrick: DO NOT sign these bills into law, which were passed in informal sessions.  Governor's office: 617-725-4005

House and Senate Leaders: Why are they doing this to us? (Watch out, their staff is pretty arrogant, and usually doesn't know the Constitution.)

Senate President Therese Murray - 617-722-1500

House Speaker Sal DiMasi - 617-722-2500

It's important that people do something! Let us know how you make out.