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"Transgender rights and hate crimes bill" to be re-filed in Legislature in January by homosexual lobby.

New tactic: Special "pro-homo grading system" to be used on legislators!

November 25, 2008

Unfortunately, this is no surprise. A few months ago the homosexual lobby group "MassEquality" told their members that their greatest failure this year was their inability to get this passed into law - or even get it out of committee. And that's because of MassResistance!

But they are determined to continue their obsession with changing our laws. The homosexual lobby says it's re-filing the bill when the Legislature starts up its new session in January. They say this will be a top priority for them, and they'll be fighting and lobbying harder than ever. 

An extremely radical bill

Filed early last year, the "Transgender rights and hate crimes bill" was probably the most radical legislation ever seriously considered by the Massachusetts Legislature (and that's saying a lot). Under this bill, for example, an elementary school could not be stopped from hiring a man wearing a dress as a teacher - and if parents even complained they could be punished for committing a hate crime. It was hideous.

MassResistance immediately went to work. We published a 135-page report on that bill which exposed in gruesome detail what it said, and what it would do to the citizens of Massachusetts.

MassResistance 135-page report on "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill"

But the homosexual lobbyists did a huge job to promote their bill. They got dozens of legislators to co-sponsor it. It was endorsed by the Governor, the Attorney General, all of the major Massachusetts bar associations, and (of course) Congressman Barney Frank. It was on the "fast track" to becoming law.

At the public hearing on March 4, 2008 before the Judiciary Committee, the homosexual lobby orchestrated a show of force that lasted 9 hours! They had endless panels and "expert" witnesses, including the most bizarre parade of men with breasts wearing dresses, and women with beards, that anyone had ever seen. (The line of men wearing dresses using the female rest rooms at the State House was quite bizarre.) And MassResistance was at the public hearing to make sure they heard our testimony. And we handed them a copy of our report.

"I am a woman with a beard," testified the person at left at the public hearing.  All three people sitting at the table are female.

MassResistance report on March 4, 2008 public hearing.

Report and photos from testimony at public hearing.

Here's how the homosexual lobby manipulated the public hearing.

We still stopped them!

After a months-long flood of thousands of calls, emails, and State House visits from citizens across the state, the Judiciary Committee finally killed the bill before it got further. By July, the homosexual lobby admitted defeat.

A new strategy: Giving legislators pro-homo ratings

In order to pass their transgender bill this time, as their other radical bills, the homosexual lobby says it's trying a new stunt. They're going to "score" legislators based on how much help they help to advance the homosexual agenda. As wacky as this sounds, they think this will work in the Massachusetts Legislature.

As the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows explains it:

"With the marriage battle in Massachusetts behind it, MassEquality is raising the bar for lawmakers and political candidates seeking its endorsement.

"Since the organization began electoral work in 2004 the only criteria for MassEquality’s endorsement has been opposition to a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. But Beginning in 2009, the organization’s endorsement criteria will expand to reflect MassEquality’s broader mission, which includes safeguarding LGBT rights beyond marriage equality.

"Specifically on the transgender non-discrimination bill legislators will be scored based on whether or not they are original cosponsors of the bill and, if it comes to a vote, whether or not they vote in favor of the bill," said MassEquality Executive Director Marc Solomon, who called passing the bill MassEquality’s "top priority in 2009 in Massachusetts." The bill died in committee at the close of this year’s legislative session."

Full article in homosexual newspaper: "MassEquality adds support for trans bill to endorsement criteria"

Well, we'll be there, too, to make sure their constituents -- and everyone else -- knows about the scorecards. It will be interesting to see how the politicians react to their public "pro-homo ratings."

But in any case, our work is cut out for us starting in January. We won't let you down. And with your help we'll be there in the State House to confront these radical bills and stop them again!