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Mass. Governor does fundraiser for radical homosexual, anti-Catholic state rep Carl Sciortino

Sciortino is in WRITE-IN campaign against another Democrat who's on the ballot!      

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July 28, 2008

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has placed his allegiance to the homosexual movement over his political party, and is arguably the most pro-homosexual and anti-family governor in American history.

Last Tuesday, July 22, Gov. Patrick went to a Somerville restaurant to raise money for Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Somerville), a radical homosexual activist. Sciortino failed to turn in enough signatures to be on the ballot to run for re-election this November, so he's running as a write-in candidate against another Democrat who got enough signatures and is on the ballot.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (center) accompanied by Marc Solomon, director of homosexual lobby group MassEquality (left), and aide (right) approaches entrance to fundraiser for Rep. Carl Sciortino.

According to an observer, Solomon and the Governor rode to the event in the same limousine.

Despite the fact that he's not on the ballot, the homosexual movement is putting their considerable force behind Sciortino, who's become a major player for them in the State House. So our Governor is doing his duty for his political allies.  (Among other things, Sciortino was the homosexual lobby's point man for their "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill.)

Hardcore legislation: Rep. Carl Sciortino (seated, right) with other sponsors of "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" leads the testimony at Judiciary Committee hearing on March 4, 2008.

A notorious anti-Catholic extremist

Just how radical is Carl Sciortino? On June 1, 2003, Carl Sciortino disrupted a Mass at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston. According to newspaper reports, Sciortino and his gay partner turned their backs to the altar during Mass, kissed, and held hands as they marched out. They then held a press conference on the steps outside, further denouncing the Church. This was to protest the Church's position against homosexual "marriage."

Carl Sciortino (left) and homosexual lover pose for picture while disrupting Mass at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston, June 1, 2003.

Previously, as a student at Tufts University, he was a major gay activist. Among other things, he was involved with a seminar on anal sex and sex toys.

In 2004, Sciortino won election as a state rep in Somerville by squeaking by Rep. Vinnie Ciampa in the primary by 94 votes - Vinnie simply didn't take him seriously, and the gay lobby poured enormous resources into it. Vinnie then attempted a write-in campaign in the general election, but the gay lobby used extremely vicious tactics to beat him. In 2006, Sciortino did not have a challenger and was re-elected.

READ MassResistance 2004 report on Sciortino's activities & election

Short on signatures to run for re-election this year!

Then this year a strange thing happened. Earlier this year, when the deadline came up for submitting 150 signatures to be on the ballot in November, Sciortino came up short. He claimed that signature sheets were stolen from his State House office. He took the matter to the Supreme Judicial Court, demanding to be on the ballot anyway. But he lost.

Boston Globe article (May 24, 2008):"Judge unmoved by state representative's signature plight"

But another Democrat, Robert Trane, had submitted enough signatures be on the ballot. Trane is a respected Somerville alderman who felt that Sciortino just wasn't representing the district properly, so he decided to run against him.

Robert Trane is on the ballot as a Democrat and Sciortino is not. So Sciortino and homosexual lobby has vowed to beat Trane in September's Democratic primary with a write-in campaign. And our Governor came in to help raise their money.

If anyone ever doubted where Gov. Deval Patrick's allegiance is, it should be pretty clear now. And it's pretty frightening.

Inside : Gov. Deval Patrick looks on as Sciortino speaks to supporters.


Outside the Sabur restaurant in Somerville where event was held.