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Boys and Girls Clubs in Boston facilitating homosexual adoptions

Holding controversial "adoption parties" involving children

Jan.28, 2009

It sure ain't the Boys and Girls Clubs a lot of people remember. Back when the Boy Scouts became controversial because of their refusal to use homosexual scoutmasters with young boys, the Boys and Girls Clubs took the easy route, and basically caved in. The obvious progression has taken place.

Now, the Boys' and Girls' Club of Dorchester is putting on information sessions for homosexual couples who want to adopt children. And they are collaborating with a state-funded agency to make the adoption process as quick and easy as possible. They are working with the controversial Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), funded by tax money and also by the Jordan's Furniture chain.

     Article (with photo) in homosexual newspaper Bay Windows

MARE has been criticized for their approach of having "adoption parties" where children are displayed for groups of perspective parents (homosexual and otherwise) to look at and select from!

In fact, it's come to a point in Massachusetts where it's much easier for homosexual couples to adopt than regular couples.

As one pro-family parent who went through the adoption process recently told MassResistance:

"Not too long ago -- maybe just a decade or two -- adoption agencies in Massachusetts looked askance at married couples (one man and one woman!) who had divorce in their past. A full family history of both prospective parents was required, screening for signs of unresolved psychological issues that might adversely affect one's parenting. Social workers would tell a potential adoptive mother that she shouldn't be pursuing fertility treatments at the same time as adoption as it was too emotionally complex. Even one's religious background and current values were scrutinized for indications of solid moral bearings. Not so now. The state-run adoption agencies have been overrun by GLBT activists and their sympathizers."

What's even more troubling is that many of these children are emotionally hurt and vulnerable. Putting them into a situation of having two men or two women (and even a transsexual or transgender "parent") having a sexual relationship with each other can have destructive consequences for the children.

But no one in charge seems bothered in that part of the equation, sadly.