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Loud homosexual activists disrupt and halt Don Feder speech at UMass Amherst, despite police presence

Totalitarian tactics seem to pay off again

March 13, 2009

This past Wednesday evening, March 11, renowned conservative author and columnist Don Feder came to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, sponsored by the UMass Republican Club, to give a speech on "Hate Crimes -- Fighting Bias With Fascism" - the myth of hate crimes and the liberals who propagate the laws targeting them. It promised to be an illuminating event.

But the college homosexual activists decided that he shouldn't be allowed to speak. They boldly announced that they intended to disrupt the event, and campus police responded requiring the UMass Republican Club to pay $600.00 to hire 5 policemen to protect them during the speech. (Don't get us started on that twisted logic.)

Standing guard at the door outside of room where Don Feder was to speak, to intimidate, obviously. (TommyDevine blog photo.)

Anyway, the police protection didn't work. As one observer wrote on his blog:

"No sooner did the speech begin than all hell broke loose as some audience members picked up their chairs, turning them around before reseating, thereby symbolically and literally turning their back on Feder. . . From there the situation rapidly deteriorated as Feder was repeatedly interrupted by ridiculing laughter and insulting taunts, until the police no longer tried to intervene, perhaps fearful of sparking a riot."

(We heard it was even worse than that.) Finally, Don found it impossible to continue and stopped his speech, to the wild cheers and jeers of the activists.

YouTube video -- some of what took place

Article in UMass school newspaper of the speech

In their blind rage, the homosexual activists did not see the irony that they were stopping the freedom to speak of a man who came to talk about the subject of free speech.

This young lady (left) tried to storm the podium but didn't make it.

Below, the police started to eject unruly activists, but after a while apparently just gave up.

It wasn't as hideous as what happened at the Ryan Sorba speech at Smith College last year, but it was effective nevertheless. The activists made their point. They stopped the speech and sent a loud message that anyone else who might attempt to bring in a non-liberal speaker will get the same treatment. (And they're obviously not afraid of the police.)

Their belief system is pretty clear: Anything they don't like needs to be suppressed as forcefully as necessary. Other people's constitutional rights don't matter. The ends justify the means. Their political worldview trumps anyone else's. It's madness. But the University of Massachusetts administration is apparently not bothered by this at all. To our knowledge, they haven't reacted in any way whatsoever.

Judging by the emblem on his shirt, this guy is probably not a member of the College Republicans. Just a wild guess . . ..

We saw these tactics in the last century in Europe and China and too many other places. And we've seen where it leads. A free society must not stand for it.

Call the University of Massachusetts:

Office of the Chancellor Robert C. Holub - Phone: 413-545-2211

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