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PA man with 'transgender' drivers license demands to use women's changing room in Kmart.

Enforced by police over store manager's objection!

Here's where it's going . . .

March 19, 2009

Last summer the Philadelphia police forced a Kmart to allow a man to use the women's changing rooms, because he presented a drivers license listing his sex as "female." However, he was clearly a man and the Kmart manager would not allow into the changing rooms. But the policeman ordered to store to do it.

After the incident, a complaint was filed against Kmart with the city's Human Relations Commission. The store manager was apparently forced to apologize and told a homosexual newspaper "I guarantee you this won't happen again."

Police in Philadelphia ordered Kmart to allow "Kate Blatt", above to be able to use the ladies' changing rooms.

Trans woman claims bias at Kmart
By Timothy Cwiek
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 6, 2008

A transgender woman says she had to get the help of a Philadelphia police officer to gain entry into a women's fitting room at a Center City store last week.

Kate Lynn Blatt said she was trying to select clothes at Kmart in The Gallery, 901 Market St., around 11 a.m. May 30, when she was prevented from accessing the women's fitting room by a guard.

After two managers were summoned, the dispute still wasn't resolved. She said a mid-level manager was rude to her, claiming she's not female, even though Blatt's driver's license with its female designation was shown to him.

Blatt, 27, said two calls were placed to 911, and after a 70-minute wait, an officer arrived. . .

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Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation does not have official policies regarding changing one's sex on a drivers license, but seems to allow it at the discretion of "a sympathetic clerk" (as one homosexual website put it -- apparently it helps if some kind of formal documentation is presented, but it's not required).

It's clear from the article (and other things we've read) that the homosexual groups are aggressively using this force of state power against any entity that does not comply completely with their demands regarding transgenderism.

This is what will happen here -- if we do nothing.