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Prominent homosexual activists lead screaming demonstration, terrorize Boston church sponsoring ex-gay religious event.

Police make no arrests.  "Jesus was gay" pamphlets also handed out.

May 1, 2009

Tuesday afternoon, April 28, several major homosexual activist figures, including a prominent state employee, led a screaming demonstration to terrorize a downtown Boston church while it was holding a peaceful religious training event inside. Using a bullhorn, they illegally trampled through an adjoining Revolutionary War-era cemetery in order to be directly outside the church's windows. Despite numerous apparent violations of the law, the Boston Police talked with them but refused to make any arrests.

Outside of Park Street Church in downtown Boston

The group of about 30 hardcore homosexual activists started their demonstration across the street from the church, in the Boston Common, around noon. After a few haranguing speeches, they marched (with a high-powered bullhorn) to the sidewalk in front of the church and began screaming and chanting.

See our video and more photos HERE

Then the group went into the cemetery (where Sam Adams and other Revolutionary War figures are buried) and stood next to the big windows on the side of the church and screamed, chanted, and even put the bullhorn right against the windows as it made various screeches and siren noises. The intent was to terrorize the participants inside the church.

They also passed out "Jesus was gay" flyers (see below), just to make sure they made their point to the Christian attendees.

Why were the homosexuals so enraged? Because Park Street Church was holding a religious conference (from Exodus International) about helping pastors support people dealing with unwanted homosexuality. But the homosexual movement can't handle that concept. So even though this was a private event in a church, the homosexual movement has decided that this must not be allowed, and that the church must be intimidated into submission. Constitutional rights? Just a minor annoyance.

And the Boston Police Department went right along with it. There were obvious violations of the law, including at the very least (1) a clear violation of the Massachusetts Civil Rights statute (2) holding a demonstration (in the graveyard!) without a permit; and (3) creating a public disturbance. But the one uniformed Boston Police officer and two plainclothes officers who were there made no effort to arrest anyone. The uniformed officer asked them a few questions and went on his way (see our video). The Boston Police Department told us yesterday that there were no arrests in the incident.

This was no ordinary demonstration. It was definitely meant to send a message. Though it was relatively small in number, it included several high-profile homosexual activists.

Among the homosexual leaders at this event (and in our photos):

Wayne Besen. Often featured on The O'Reilly Factor, he is one of the most vicious homosexual activists in the country. His personal attacks on people reveal his over-the-top rage. His particular venom is saved for the ex-gay movement.

Chris Mason. A former staffer for Mass. Senate President Therese Murray, Mason has a long history of hateful and angry activities and writings against pro-family groups and individuals. He was an organizer for MassEquality and Queer Today and is now a leader of the homosexual group Join the Impact.

Tom Lang. Lang is the founder of KnowThyNeighbor.org, which put the names and addresses of all the signers of the Marriage Amendment on line so they could be harassed and intimidated by homosexuals and others. He seems to have a particular interest in the public schools, having testified at the State House against the Parents Rights Bill.

Stewart Landers. Landers is Director of Community Health Access & Promotion for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. He also describes himself as an "LGBT Health Activist." He apparently took part of his work day to harass a church. Your tax dollars at work.

Pat Gozemba. She is a nationally known lesbian activist who runs CourtingEquality.org, a group that uses the tax-funded Mass. Commission on GLBT Youth to put a homosexual "marriage" books in school libraries across Massachusetts.

Left to right: Tom Lang, Pat Gozemba, Stewart Landers.

Leading the crowd next to the church. Wayne Besen yells into the bullhorn as Chris Mason (center) claps.

The demonstration was also "sponsored" by the homosexual groups MassEquality and Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, according to an ad they took out in the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows.

You can count on this: Everything they did that day, they will get away with. The political establishment has no interest in getting in their way. And as these people gain more power, expect more of this to happen.

(And of course, this wasn't reported in any of the Boston media. But why aren't we surprised?)

Added bit of harassment. This "Jesus was gay" flyer was passed out at the Christian church by homosexual activists.