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Mass. teachers trained by state-supported gay group to push radical homosexual & transgender agenda in schools

At May 2 conference organized by GLSEN, member of tax-supported Mass. GLBT Youth Commission!

May 9, 2009

Schoolteachers from across the state learned how to include homosexual topics in K-12 school curriculum, how to set up gay clubs for kids,


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Download the Confrence Program

(Includes descriptions of all the workshops.)


Some of the workshops:

Here are some of the workshops that day. Here's what they're treaching the teachers (and kids). Did we mention that teachers get official state Certification Credits for doing this? Yup!

This is what is - or will be - happening in YOUR schools!
(Note: The titles are theirs, brief descriptions are ours. Full descriptions are in conference program.)

1. Getting the agenda into the schools - and keeping it there!

  • Working with Resistant School Administration: How to Get Your School and Community on Board
    This doesn't show up in a school by accident. It is very well planned and executed. This workshop gives activists the "tools" and "successful tactics" to get homosexual programs in schools past resistant administrators. Saul Alinksy would certainly be proud.

  • Creating Safe Spaces for GLBT Youth in Catholic Schools - a Panel Discussion
    How to infiltrate Catholic schools without raising red flags.

  • Difficult Questions / Difficult People: Some Lab Practice
    Training in dealing with "difficult" people in the school community who oppose this agenda.

  • Making the Case: Communication Strategies
    More "strategies for responding to opposition", and turning around their arguments.

  • A Middle School GSA
    How to set up a successful homosexual club for middle school kids.

  • Using Peer Leadership to Change School Climate
    For teachers in urban schools, to get kids to promote acceptance of homosexuality in schools among their peers.

  • Training-the-Trainers to Create Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive Schools for Children with LGBT Parents and LGBT Youth
    How to train school officials to transform a school to be as gay-friendly as possible.

2. Getting into the kids' heads

  • Coming out literature
    Introducing books with "visible gay role models" for "gay teens facing the coming out process."

  • What is the "T" in GLBT?
    The "T" is transgender. A man in women's clothes led this "panel" about how kids can handle their attraction to transgenderism.

  • Online Friends
    This workshop for kids was about "exploring" homosexual relationships online. Presented by Trevor Wright, a transgender activist.

  • Choosing to Label: What's in a Name?
    Helping kids decide what to label themselves. The choices: Bi, lesbian, gay, straight, queer, questioning.

  • "That is So Gay": A Safe Zone Initiative
    Ways to intimidate kids to stamp out "homophobia" whenever it happens, even a as an off-handed remark during class. (As usual, this is dishonestly sold as "safety".)

  • Inclusive Literature for Early Childhood Educators
    Presented by an elementary school teacher in Newton, this is to "help introduce and teach children about queer families."

  • Gender, Bullying, and Harassment: Strategies for Ending Sexism and Homophobia in Schools
    Tying the homosexuality and transgenderism movements to racism, sexism, the bullying agenda.


This man -- who dresses as a woman -- gave the workshop "What is the T in LGBT". He is an active member of the state-funded Mass. Commission on LGBT Youth and frequently goes to schools in that capacity.

3. Weird ideologies

  • GLBT Youth and the Prison Industrial Complex
    Presented by the "pastor" of a homosexual church in downtown Boston, it deals with a strange theory comparing anti-homosexual sentiment to making schools a prison.

  • Beyond Binaries: Identity and the Sexuality Spectrum
    Usually this kind of ultra-radical gender ideology is confined to college campuses. But no longer! Let's bring it into the public schools!

  • Gender Box
    Addressing the "challenging" problem that the world sees people as either male or female - which causes heterosexism and gender oppression. (We're not making this up.)

4. Pushing the agenda inside the school

  • Unplugging the Heterosexual Matrix: One Queer Journey from Teacher to Activist
    How to take an activist role in addressing "sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in schools."

  • Planning a Day of Silence
    They love to pretend it's a spontaneous project of students, but that's just baloney. This workshop also provides "the tools to combat opposition and overcome obstacles relating to the Day of Silence."

  • Beyond the Day of Silence
    Members of Newton North High School's gay club talk about "the best ways to create awareness for queer issues at your high school."

  • Queer History 101
    How to teach history from a homosexual viewpoint. "What happened in the LGBT community before you came out? Come learn about LGBT history in the United States."

  • GSA Makeover: 10 New Ways to Make Your GSA Better then Ever
    How to "reenergize" a school's homosexual club for kids.

  • Gender Construction, What's Your Function?: Meeting the Needs of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students
    How to force changes in the school to support the "needs and experiences" of kids who want to cross-dress or claim to be "transgender".


ACLU defends students' "rights" to engage in homosexual behavior

Kids' "gay rights" in school.  This card was given out at the conference by the ACLU.
 (What it doesn't point out is that the "shared interest" of the kids in the GSA is dangerous sexual perversions.)


HANDOUT for kids (download):
What to Do When a Friend Comes Out to You
(Aren't you glad you didn't get something like this when YOU were in school?)

HANDOUT to kids: What Students Can Do To Make Schools Safe For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People. 
Includes "low risk", "some risk", and "high risk activities!

Posters given to kids on "That's so gay"

It drives the homosexual activists crazy that kids react to their agenda by making fun of it. "That's so gay" has become a common retort in school hallways, causing a new propaganda campaign to try to stop such "offensive" behavior. So they're handing out to kids these two wall posters.

Our prediction is that, knowing kids, it will have the opposite effect. They'll say it more than ever, raising the cry by the homosexual lobby that we need more money for "anti-name calling" and, of course, "anti-bullying" programs!

What kid would put this nonsense on his wall?


This one's a little more clever, but still pretty stupid.

On top it says: "That's so 'gamer guy' who has more videogamrs than friends." 

On the bottom it says, "Think that's mean? How do you think 'that's so gay' sounds? Hurtful. So, knock it off.

Conference also supported by corporations and teachers union!

And it's not just politicians. According to the conference brochure, the May 2 GLSEN at English High School was also supported by:

  • The Boston Teachers' Union, which bought a full-page ad stating that they support GLSEN's mission with kids. (Had enough of teachers unions pulshing the homosexual agenda? You can call the union president, Richard Stutman, at 617-288-2000 or email him at rstutman@btu.org )

  • Starbucks Coffee, which seems to regularly support radical homosexual events.

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Foundation, the charity connected to the Harvard Pilgrim Health insurance group. They also march in the annual Gay Pride Parade. Why is a health insurance company underwriting something like this?  We wish we knew. Interestingly, Harvard Pilgrim is run by Charlie Baker, a possible Republican candidate for Governor. Thanks, Charlie - you'll fit right in.

This is what happens when things get out of control.


This is what your tax money is supporting! And virtually all the major politicians in Massachusetts support it, too. Your kids are secondary to their ambitions. When the politicians vote en masse for money in the budget to give your money to the Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transexual Youth it's not hard to tell where their priorities lie.