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At Massachusetts "Youth Pride" Day May 9, 2009

Transgender "celebration" for kids -- speeches, drag queen, entertainment

You can't make this stuff up. The MC of the day's event was a man dressed as a woman. This is what your politicians think of you and your children.

From the politicians
to your kids . . .

The homosexual movement wants to capture the minds of kids. When they say "These are our kids", it's not just a slogan. They mean it!

Drag queeen as master of ceremonies

When the kids got to the Boston Common, they were gathered around a stage erected in the center of the area. The master of ceremonies throughout the afternoon was a drag queen - Adam Shanahan, a 27-year-old man from Lowell dressed in women's clothes who called himself Raquel Blake. Mr. Shanahan is also a former "Miss Gay Massachusetts."  (What an interesting role model!)

Proclamation by Mayor of Boston

As things began, Mr. Shanahan introduced a representative from Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's office who read a personal message from the Mayor welcoming the homosexual activists and congratulating them on their "youth pride" event.

VIDEO: Proclamation from Mayor of Boston. Drag queen introduces homosexual activist from Mayor's office, who reads official proclamation welcoming homosexual and transgender youth activities to City of Boston. These are YOUR politicians at work -- you have to see this to believe it. [Exclusive from Catch of the Day Video]

(Contact Mayor here.)

Female "Elvis" with male "dancing girl"

After that -- to continue with the "transgender" theme -- came "Elvis Presley." It's hard to imagine a weirder singing act. A female dressed as Elvis accompanied by a bearded male dancer wearing a skirt and bikini. It wasn't a joke; they're serious. The message to the kids: It's normal .


RIGHT: Female Elvis and male "dancing girl" during performance . .

BELOW:VIDEO of performance. (Massresistance video)

Homosexual adults mingling everywhere . . .

There were all kinds of strange adults mingling around the kids. Many were clearly homosexual activists. Others were transsexuals. There were also several boys dressed as girls (see photos below).

VIDEO: Interview with homosexual activist. Although it was officially a "youth" event, with kids as young as 12, there were swarms of homosexual activist adults there. Catch of the Day Video interviews one of them.  (NOTE: Actual interview starts one minute into the video.)

Scenes in the crowd . . .


Boy at right, in gold dress.


Running the show. Mr. Shanahan mixes it up by changing into another dress!