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At Massachusetts "Youth Pride" Day May 9, 2009

State-supported "Transgender Prom" for kids ("22 or younger") in Boston City Hall: Your worst nightmare

Mr. Boston Leather. This man was an official greeter who greeted every kid who entered the dance floor. He identified himself as a "leather BDSM fetishist" (bondage discipline & sado-masochism).
Here's the business card he handed out to kids.

Bizarre adults, homosexual acting out, drug use, BDSM, and more.

Read first person account (below) by college student who went in.

June 9, 2009

"I remained in the building for an hour and a half and found the events inside disturbing, depraved and outright criminal." 
- Max, a college student



Read the first-person account (below). Then go to these links:

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On May 9, 2009, the state-sponsored homosexual "Youth Pride Day", with kids from middle schools and high schools across the state, ended with a "Transgender Prom" in Boston City Hall. This was fully supported by Mayor Thomas Menino and the Boston City Council. It was run by BAGLY (Boston Alliance for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth), an organization seated on the state-funded Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth.

The event was officially for "youth 22 years old and under". But there were all kinds of bizarre adults wandering everywhere.

Max, a 20-year-old college student, attended for the first time. This is what your government and the homosexual movement are doing with your kids.

Below is Max's report:

What I saw at the "transgender prom"

By "Max" (20-year-old college student)

On May 9, 2009, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) held its 7th prom inside of Boston City Hall. I decided to attend, paying the $10 admission fee in order to see what kind of event the radical organization would stage inside an official government building. I remained in the building for an hour and a half and found the events inside disturbing, depraved and outright criminal.

Boston police outside City Hall didn't pay much attention to what was going on inside.

The weirdness began outside City Hall

As I neared the event, I scanned the long line of young people waiting to enter. The line to the prom comprised over 300 kids, many as young as 12 but I also spotted adults obviously older than 22.

The line included kids wearing the rainbow regalia of the gay movement, teenage boys wearing dresses and high heels, hugging their “boyfriends”, extremely young looking girls, not much older than 14 or 15, with “Out and Proud” inscribed in rainbow letters on the front of their T-shirts. On the flower pots and stairs leading up to the subway entrance, I saw dozens of kids aged 12-17 smoking cigarettes and making out with each other.

The entire line was marshaled by three maniacal looking middle-aged lesbians: short, stocky, fat, with military style haircuts, yelling a variety of slogans through their megaphones: “If we find you bringing alcohol, you’re going home!”; “Don’t have sex on the dance floor!”; “Are you ready to party?!” etc.

The lesbians were supplemented by two young men, one in a blue T-shirt and extremely tight jeans wearing eye-liner who called everyone “sweetie” and everything around him “fabulous”, and another who was wearing some sort of leather bondage gear all over his body. These individuals herded the crowd inside the building.

Getting in: No questions asked

Officially, the prom was open to youth 22 and younger, however, as I entered the building, neither my nor anyone else’s identification was checked, even of those in the line who were quite obviously older than 22. As I neared the entrance in the line, I witnessed two very tall older men wearing bleach blonde wigs, dresses and make-up come up the front of the line and enter the event without any interference from the people manning the entrance. I was not surprised when I saw that one of the individuals manning the entrance was Grace Sterling Stowell, a transsexual activist who specializes in the recruiting middle and high school children [and who is also an active member of the Massachusetts Commission for GLBT Youth].

After I paid the $10 fee, my wrist was marked with a rainbow stamp and I was allowed to enter. No one was searched. Although BAGLY announced that the event was to be officially free of drugs, alcohol and weapons, no measure was taken to prevent anyone from sneaking prohibited items in, and as I note later on, that lack of supervision was immediately exploited.

After passing through a series revolving doors, I entered the event, held on both floors of the City Hall. The second floor was the quieter area with more light, while the first served as the dance floor, almost completely covered in darkness, illuminated occasionally by strobe lights. The entire building shook with loud music.

Two boys at the side of the dance floor.

Inside: Even more disturbing

For the first twenty minutes, I traveled around the crowd on the dance floor taking a few pictures. However, as my eyes became more used to the darkness, I saw several disturbing scenes:

  1. The extreme young age of the crowd. Despite the fact that I saw some young faces in the line outside, I saw how many of the kids appeared younger than 15 years old now that everyone was crowded on the dance floor.

  2. Near the only entrance to the dance floor, I saw and spoke to a man dressed in a soldier-style garb made entirely of leather. He looked 45 years old and was wearing a red sash that introduced him as “Mr. Boston Leather”. He immediately gave me his card and identified himself as a "leather BDSM fetishist." I was disgusted and disturbed that this individual was allowed to attend an event where so many young children were gathered. The man was wearing a white tag which would identify him as a chaperone. The self-professed fetishist was free to recruit and harass kids as young as 14 or 15! (He stood at the entrance and gave his "businses card" to children as they entered the dance area.)

  3. As I circled the dance floor once more, I spotted young teen homosexual couples, kissing in almost every alcove in the room. The fact that the kids, with their hair painted purple, green, red and wearing clothing colored with the gay rainbow, were so young added to the perversion of the event. How many 14 or 15 year olds “know” that they are homosexuals? How many of these kids were brainwashed into thinking so by “Mr. Leather” and his kind?

  4. After approximately 30 minutes from the start of the event, I spotted two grown men, wearing short dresses, blonde wigs and shaman-like make-up enter and move into the dance floor. These transsexuals, both obviously older than 22, were allowed to freely enter and move among the underage crowd. A third transsexual entered with some sort of gay retainer who was not wearing a dress and both began to dance near the edge of the crowd. I asked to take a picture of the two and they obliged.

  5. As I moved through the crowd taking photos, I spotted a number of older homosexuals wearing shirts with “recruiter” written in rainbow. The intention of these individuals, and of the entire event, is made plain by the slogans on those shirts.

  6. The event contained a “smoking section”, a City Hall entrance walled off by the police, where I saw kids of all ages smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Chaperones clearly witnessed these things occurring but did nothing to stop them. The transsexuals mingled with the groups of kids lining the walls. I took several photos of them “socializing”.

Worse than I ever imagined

In conclusion, I am not sure if anyone who has not attended an event like this can truly grasp the perversion and disturbing nature of this “prom”. As a young person who has been exposed to many disturbing things within today’s youth culture, I believed I was prepared to deal with what I saw at the 2009 BAGLY Prom. Minutes after entering the event, I discovered that I was not.

I want to make my conclusions plain and clear to those reading this:

This “prom” was a recruiting propaganda event. The middle-aged fetishists handing out cards, the adult transsexuals dancing with underage school kids, the lack of supervision on the part of the organizers accomplished one goal and one goal only: to recruit as many teenagers as possible to the homosexual cause.

The homosexual cause is a cult. The people with the megaphones, covered in homosexual rainbow livery screamed about “gay pride” and “unity” as tourists walked by on that warm Saturday night. It was clear that the goal of this movement, just like that of any other cult, is to isolate kids from the rest of society, their parents and their friends, leaving them with only one option: to join the gay cause.

We must make every effort to put an end to the pipeline fueling BAGLY and other homosexual recruiting gangs. The behavior directly promoted by BAGLY and the other organizers of this prom, is hideous and depraved. The homosexual agenda is criminally being shoved down the throats of the young underage kids without the knowledge of their parents or the taxpayers of Massachusetts. I hope that after reading this account and looking at the disturbing pictures, you will be convinced of the immediate need to put a stop to the funding of these organizations by your taxpayer dollars.

[Additional note from MassResistance: Across Massachusetts state law requires adults who are involved with kids' events -- including all school events and even Little League -- to get criminal CORI checks. To our knowledge, NONE of the adults in any of the homosexual activities involving children get CORI checks. And the Attorney General, and other public officials we've talked to refuse to do anything.]

An additional handout:

Given out to kids: This "BAGLY Bookmark" helps kids get involved with homosexual and transgender activism.