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At the "Transgender prom" for kids, Boston City Hall, May 9, 2009

About "Mr. Boston Leather"

He's the last person you'd want around your children. But the Mayor of Boston and his Youth Pride friends have no problem with him.

June 9, 2009

This man was an official "chaperone" and greeted every kid who entered the dance floor. He identified himself as a "leather BDSM (bondage discipline & sado-masochism) fetishist".

Here's the front and back of his "business card" which he handed to kids as they entered the dance floor that evening . . .

From Mr Boston Leathers 2009's MySpace page :

Describing himself:

About me:Single gay male. Am i middle aged..i guess i am. Work-a-holic Working on reclaiming health Had gastric bipass 3/15/07..thank GOD. The weight was slowly killing me. Now i am eating better, exercising and getting back into life. Leatherman. Creating more community in my life. Very spiritually focused but not religious. Kinky is cool but remember safe/sane/consensual. having a great title year as Mr. Boston Leather 2009. Check out my BLOG. Doing many events and trying to attend several. I will be at CLAW and IMsL and of course competing at International Mr. Leather in Chicago. I am fortunate to have three great sponsors: Boston Ramrod, Inseam Clothing and Manhunt. Starting in April i am teaching month bdsm classes at the MALE Center in Boston and i will be running an event called Kinky Kamp in April in Upstate New Yor at Easton Mountain Retreat Center. Plus i have several speaking engagements and some bootblack training classes. Give a shout if you want more information. Love tattoos, piercings and a strong masculine image. Vegetarians are awesome. Pesco veg here. Holistic health is a must in my life: massage, energywork, hypnosis, facials, etc. I am so happy my health is improving. I am meeting more people, traveling and starting the second half of my life. A few years ago i was not sure i would live to see 40's. Now i expect that i have many years more. The pheonix has risen from the ashes..stronger, bolder, more beautiful and filled with the song of life. Three pillars in my life...education, charity, representation. I believe in mentoring people and welcome opportunities for educating myself and others. Helping others 1 to 1 or through charitable endeavors has been a part of my existance since a young age. Role modeling what i want around me is being an ambassador for loving values. I am a myers-briggs INTJ.

CLAW (mentioned above) is Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend

Homosexual videos he's posted on his MySpace page:

I Kissed A Boy [[Gay Remix]]

I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It

MySpace blog postings:

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Bootblack training & Spanking Party
Current mood: fabulous
Today i did a 1:1 bootblack training for kj who is in training as a bttm boy with a couple of leather guys in Boston. Also stopped by for the Leather Knights spanking party at the Ramrod

Friday, March 20, 2009
IMsL SanFrancisco
Current mood: excited
Arrived at IMsL in SanFrancisco. Blast picked us up at the airport. Henry and i ended up on the same flight. ery excited to be here. Brendan from Otttawa and i are sharing a room. More later...

Sunday, March 15, 2009
CLub Night.. Full Kit Dark Momentum Leather Dance
Current mood: hot
Did a Leather Dance night at Ramrod with Joe. I did bootblack and had Trevor apprenticing with me. It is great to mentor someone and help them he will be awesome. a natural. Mostly wants experience.
For the demo tonight i did waxing. Wow it was HOT.. Pun itended. Actually it definitely got some attention. Did three differnet people. Eric (pup), Rob, and Tim... Had the whole night club filled with artificial candles, It looked amazing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Leather Expo and Day of Education
Current mood: crazy

Sunday, March 08, 2009
Marauders Club Night Saturday
Current mood: dirty
[Marauders are the BDSM group that marched w black&blue flag & lashes at Pride last year]