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At the "Transgender prom" for kids, Boston City Hall, May 9, 2009

Outside Boston City Hall lining up to enter the "transgender prom" for kids

Strange characters already there as kids gathered

June 9, 2009

The line stretched quite a distance.




There was a police car right up front for "protection". But obviously they weren't too interested in what was going on inside.

In charge of handling the crowd . . .

The people below all appeared to be in charge of keeping the crowd of kids in order as they waited in line to get in.


Other adults hanging around


Person at left is female.

Man at right is wearing "Man-Hunt" emblem on shirt: hardcore homosexual hookup website.

Signs posted around the building

-- Were they serious?


At the entrance: Man dressed as a woman

At the entrance to Boston City Hall.
This person, a man dressed as a woman, checked over each person who entered. He is the head of BAGLY (homosexual /transgender organization which put on the event) and is also a member of the Mass. Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth.








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