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August 14, 2009

We believe that the unedited news should be available to everyone.

Would you like to watch all 11 hours of the July 14 "Transgender Bill" hearings? Or this past Monday's raucous public hearing on the MBTA fare increases? Or the recent public hearing by the joint committee of the Massachusetts Legislature on spending the federal stimulus money? Or the angry demonstration outside US Rep Tierney's office in Peabody this week?

Janet Aldrich, who has done so much work over the years helping get the hard-hitting videos that we've posted, also covers the waterfront at the State House and around the state as ComFlm Registry / Catch of the Day Video News -- covering public hearings, demonstrations, press conferences, and other events that the mainstream media doesn't pick up.

Recently Janet started posting these videos up on the Blip-TV website (which allows videos of much longer length than YouTube). There's a LOT of stuff up there that people wouldn't see if Janet weren't there to record it. Especially if you want to see what goes on in the public hearings, this is the place to go! It's one thing to read about in the papers; it's another to see it.

Check it out!