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National implications on health care:

Public Hearing this Wednesday for bill to change law back -- to allow Governor to appoint immediate successor to Ted Kennedy

Incredible hypocrisy by Massachusetts Legislature -- after changing law in 2004

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009

On Wednesday, Sept 9 at 1:00 pm at the State House there will be a public hearing on a Massachusetts bill that could change all of America.

Bill H656 [see text here] would give the Governor of Massachusetts the ability to quickly appoint an interim successor to Ted Kennedy to serve in the US Senate, until a replacement is elected. The election is scheduled for Jan. 19, 2010.

This would effectively reverse the law that many of these same politicians passed in 2004, when the Governor was a Republican instead of a Democrat.

This has huge implications nationally. With the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy the Democrats in the US Senate no longer have a filibuster-proof majority of 60 votes. That means that a filibuster by the Republicans could effectively stop any legislation, including Obama's national health care plan and various pending anti-family legislation such as ENDA. This would be at least until late-January when a new Senator is elected and sworn in. By then, the chance to pass much of that pending legislation would be effectively over.

But if Mass. Gov. Patrick (a Democrat) can appoint an interim immediately, the Democrats will have enough votes to push anything through the US Senate they wish right away.

Incredible hypocrisy by Mass. Legislature

As you know, up until 2004, the Massachusetts Governor had the power to appoint an interim Senator immediately until the next general election. But because Democrat Sen. John Kerry was running for President and there was a Republican Governor (Mitt Romney), the Democrat-controlled Legislature decided to take that power away. So they passed a bill forcing an election instead, even though there would be several months of a vacancy.

Click HERE: Current Mass. legislators who
voted to change law in 2004

Now, in an astounding act of hypocrisy, those same legislators want to change the rules back because a Democrat is governor. It is sleaze as usual by our elected officials.

Huge turnout expected for hearing

Will they get away with it? They're clearly expecting an enormous turnout for Wednesday's hearing. It's being held in Gardner Auditorium instead of a normal hearing room. And there's just that one bill being discussed.

Major push by the left already started

There's been a pretty good backlash against this idea so far and a few reps have started to get cold feet.

But the left wants this desperately and will go to any length to get it. You can expect that there will be a FLOOD of pressure from left-wing groups to force this through.

Here are a few of the local leftist front groups (listed on various liberal websites) that have already formed a coalition to intimidate and harass any politicians who might waver on this.

Chelsea Collaborative
Chinese Progressive Association
Massachusetts ACORN
Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
Massachusetts Senior Action Council
MIRA Coalition
Northeast Action
SEIU Massachusetts
UFCW Local 1445

WE will have more on this, and what you can do, in our next email. And will give you a full report on what happens.

Public Hearing: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1 pm, Gardner Auditorium, State House