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Homosexual movement to stage public "kiss-ins" in 35 cities across America this Saturday Aug. 15 -- including Boston

August 14, 2009

"Join the Impact", the national homosexual political group that organized angry demonstrations across the country to terrorize supporters of Proposition 8 and the other anti-same sex marriage initiatives, is back again. They've decided that the public needs to have homosexual behavior pushed in everyone's direction just a little harder.

This Saturday, August 15,
they've organized "kiss-ins' in 35 cities across the country. They've picked a very public spot in each city. At 2 pm EDT they plan to have groups of males kissing males, and females kissing females in front of as many people as possible--innocent passersby, even if they have their children with them.

In Boston, they will be at the Boston Common, between Park Street MBTA station and the State House - where fairly big crowds of people (mostly families) usually are on a Saturday afternoon.

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        List of 35 cities and locations (scroll to bottom of posting)

        Posting on homosexual blog in Chicago (caution: pretty vulgar)

This is probably just the first of many of these kinds of large-scale stunts the homosexual movement will be doing across the country in public places. Most people don't yet understand the incredible obsession that homosexuals have with forcing acceptance of their behaviors on society (and their rage when it isn't accepted).

It's the next generation of "jamming" - a term popularized in the homosexual movement's major strategy book "After the Ball: How America will conquor its fear and hatred of gays in the 90s" -- meaning to push homosexuality into the faces of people as hard and as often as possible. It's a psychological tactic to break down the public's natural revulsion and rejection of it over time.

The homosexual activists also want to test any local laws. Last year, as we reported that a local group of homosexual activists organized to going into downtown Boston restaurants on busy nights, kissing and fondling each in front of patrons to test what the management would do. Unfortunately, restaurant managers feared legal retribution, so people simply had to endure it in silence (though it certainly must have ruined their meals).

Ultimate blame on "pro-family" conservatives?

A lot of the blame for this goes to the well-funded national conservative "pro-family" movement that has conceded ideological ground to the homosexual movement for years. Rather than publicly say that homosexual behavior is dangerous, unhealthy, a perversion, etc., these groups consistently took the easy road and avoided the discussion. And they stayed out of fights on "gay rights" legislation that normalizes homosexual behavior by force.

Many "conservative" politicians talked about "respecting everyone's choice" of lifestyle (without considering the larger picture).

This was particularly bad in the recent gay-marriage debates. Every time a "pro-family" group says that it just wants to protect "marriage" and not threaten other same-sex relationships in any way (because they want to be "compassionate" and not "bigoted") what are they really saying? They are legitimizing the concept of public acceptance of homosexual behavior. (And it's a cowardly way of ducking the sometimes brutal truth.)

And it's the road to forcing it into the schools, businesses, and everywhere else.

The obvious next step is for homosexual activists to say, "OK, if our behavior is legitimate, then why can't we act it out anywhere we please?"

Unless people are willing to tell the truth, you can expect much more of this.