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Homosexual movement begins massive campaign to win "gay marriage" vote in Maine this November

August 21, 2009

On Thursday, August 20, the homosexual movement formally began its massive multi-million dollar campaign to win - for the first time in America - a state-wide vote on homosexual "marriage". The Maine homosexual lobby, which is largely organized and funded (through GLAD and others) in Massachusetts, began broadcasting a slick, well-honed TV commercial statewide .

Also on Thursday the homosexual lobby revealed their plans to bring in waves of "volunteers" from other states to campaign on the ground up until the November election (see below)s.


Scene from pro-gay "marriage" TV commercial being broadcast across Maine. Very slick psychological propaganda.

"Gay marriage" law passed by Maine Legislature last May

Back in early May the Maine Legislature passed a homosexual "marriage" law, which was quickly signed by Governor John Baldacci (a left-wing Democrat who, among other things, was criticized in 2006 for meeting with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro).

The passage of that law by the Legislature was the culmination of nearly three years of a well-planned and coordinated lobbying and "educational" effort by the homosexual movement patterned after the successful efforts in Massachusetts. It was organized primarily by Massachusetts gay lobby groups. One of their most effective tactics was going into legislative districts and bringing home-grown activists into meetings with their reps, with well-rehearsed emotional testimony and personal stories (e.g., "It's all about love" not homosexual behavior). They harangued legislators with this until one by one large numbers of them gave in. Most of this was done "under the radar" and pro-family groups did not realize what had happened until it was too late, and the lobby had completely orchestrated the passing of the "gay-marriage" law.

"People's Veto" to force to a vote this November!

Immediately after the Maine law was passed, pro-family activists filed for a "People's Veto", which would stop the law from going into effect and force it to a state-wide vote. This required gathering 55,000 signatures over approximately 90 days to bring it to a vote of the people in the Nov. 4 elections. On July 31, pro-family activists turned in over 100,000 signatures!  Thus, a vote will take place this year.

Huge campaign by homosexual lobby begins

Make no mistake about it: the homosexual lobby is absolutely determined to win this one. Most important, winning this election in Maine is a national goal for the homosexual movement. It would have effects in California and other places.

They are raising money and organizing and doing everything necessary. They see Maine as a small enough state - both in area and population - with a high enough percentage of white liberals/libertarians (as opposed to blacks and Hispanics who are less easily swayed by pro-homosexual propaganda), that they truly believe they can win this one.

As one homosexual strategist blogged: "It does not cost a lot to win campaigns in Maine (only $3 million), and voter turnout is expected to only be about 500,000 people."

     Read strategist's blog entry HERE

First wave of attack started this week

As the first wave of attack, on Thursday the Massachusetts-based "Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders" (GLAD), which is coordinating much of the Maine campaign, released an incredibly slick, well-crafted TV commercial that's being broadcast across Maine.

This is the propaganda machine at a high level. We've rarely seen anything this well done. It's expected to be followed by several other similar ones.

     Press release on GLAD website announcing TV commercial

Ground attack - bringing in pro-gay "volunteers" from across USA

Also this week the homosexual lobby announced their plans to bring in waves of "volunteers" from all across the country. They will be professionally trained to begin their "person-to-person" blitzkrieg across the state, during the weeks leading up to the election. This operation is called "Volunteer Vacation".

Here's how they describe it:

Once you arrive in Maine, you will receive a full orientation and be assigned to a team, where you will be trained on various aspects of the campaign. The campaign will provide housing . . . You will be trained on everything you need to know to be successful. Volunteer-Vacation is designed for folks who want to volunteer, full-time, to help recruit other volunteers, campaign person-to-person with voters, and to run the Get-Out-the-Vote operation necessary to win the election.

Read their full description here from gay-lobby website

They're out to win this one

As we said, the national homosexual movement is taking this very seriously. They are using their "lessons learned" from other states here. They believe that a win in Maine will have domino effect in California, Iowa, and other states across the country.

They must be stopped. Is our side up to it?