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Homosexual activists preparing to harass Maine citizens who donate to pro-marriage campaign

August 28, 2009

A disgusting, un-American tactic is coming to Maine.

As they did in California, homosexual activists are preparing to harass and intimidate people who donate money to support the pro-marriage ballot question, to be voted on in Maine this November.

Back in May the Maine Legislature passed a law to legalize homosexual "marriage". Pro-family activists have gathered enough signatures to force it to a state-wide vote this November.

Last week we reported how the homosexual movement has already (1) started its campaign with slick pro-homosexual TV commercials, and (2) is preparing to bring campaign workers from across the country into Maine.

The third part of their strategy is to harass and intimidate anyone who supports traditional marriage.

In California they posted the names, addresses, and dollar amounts of people who donated to the Proposition 8 pro-marriage cause. They even posted Google maps with locations of their houses. As a result people were viciously harassed. Business were boycotted and picketed. Some people even lost their jobs when their pro-gay employers found out.

Now one of those California groups is trying to get the donor names from Maine to do the same thing. Apparently the Maine people aren't cooperating as thoroughly as they'd like, so the homosexual activists are filing absurd "ethics" charges against them.

This is a sleazy and disgusting tactic -- par for the course for the homosexual movement, unfortunately -- and the authorities need to protect Maine citizens (and other donors) from this. But don't hold your breath. Much of Maine's state government is, sadly, in the tank. Let's hope the people of Maine stand up and not let this continue!

Maine marriage campaign draws complaint
Associated Press
August 27, 2009

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A California-based gay rights group has filed a complaint with Maine's campaign oversight agency against groups pushing for a people's veto vote in November on Maine's new gay marriage law.

Californians Against Hate founder Fred Karger filed a complaint with the ethics commission asking for an investigation into what he alleges is illegal fundraising reporting. Karger says the groups are contributing to the Stand for Marriage campaign without reporting the names of their donors.

The ethics commission is likely to decide whether to order an investigation during its October meeting, according to its executive director Jonathan Wayne.

Stand for Marriage co-chairman Bob Emrich said Wednesday the complaint is bogus.

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