Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Could Maine be the first state that loses a marriage vote?

At this point we think it's very likely that we will lose this one.

Interestingly, it's not because of lack of money. The relatively good news is that pro-family groups, mostly based in California, are raising an enormous amount of money to fight the "marriage" battles across the country, including this. We think that money won't be a problem here. Our side will be able to match the homosexual activists this time, well into the millions of dollars if necessary.

But when we see what's developing besides the fundraising, it doesn't look good. We're seeing an operation with a timid, unpersuasive message and a reliance on untrustworthy consultants, all run by a committee of big groups based in other states, some of which have a disturbing record of screwing up political endeavors. Add to that some shockingly unethical behavior, general political and ideological cowardice, and apparent abandonment of traditional grass-roots methods (which have been our strength) -- and it isn't looking good at all.

These are some pretty serious accusations. We realize that. But we watched the collapse of the Marriage Amendment in Massachusetts due to (in our opinion) terrible strategy. (This included watering down the message, avoiding any negative mention of homosexuality, conceding to the legitimacy of homosexual relationships, etc.) And we watched how some states (such as California) would have lost the were it not for the blacks and Hispanics who came through strong. Didn't we learn anything from all that?

Full report being prepared

We are preparing a full report on the "People's Veto" marriage vote situation in Maine, and the pro-family efforts to pass it.

We've been working on this for a few months. We hope to have it done by Labor Day. We intend to name names and tell it like it is. This is not to be nasty or unkind, but because we're genuinely afraid that the mainstream conservative movement is going to lose this vote through its obstinacy, incompetence, and political cowardice.

You will see what we present and be able to judge for yourself.

We believe this fight can be won in Maine. After all, we're telling the truth and our opposition is packaging a bunch of lies. But it will be a real hardball battle. We need to be smart and fearless.