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"Gangster government" in Washington DC continues to roll ahead

Latest in our series on the Obama Administration vs America

July 31, 2009

"Gangster government" is the term used by more and more people, including US Rep. Michele Bachmann, do describe what is happening in our country right now.

We all see a lot of YouTube videos about politics, but this one really shook us. It's a speech by Rep. Bachmann on C-Span, at the US House of Representatives. It's titled "Obama is running a gangster government." It's quite chilling.

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Obama national health care

And on another front is the infamous Obama Health Care program. As we write this, it's passage is up in the air. But it's very frightening, and it's what the Obama Administration sees as your future and they will do everything they can to make it happen over the next four years.

It will literally give the federal government complete control over your health care, what kind and how much you can get (they decide!), your medical information, and other aspects of your lives.

The massive bill is over a thousand pages long. But this week Liberty Counsel released a 10-page analysis of it which is worth reading.

New book: Culture of Corruption

Michelle Malkin has recently written a fascinating book that goes into great depth of the Chicago-style criminal activity in the Obama administration titled "Culture of Corruption".  If you thought you'd heard everything, well, there's a lot more. Here's a video where she discusses the book on the Sean Hannity show.

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