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Movement for transgender-friendly bathrooms" in middle schools and high schools starts in Vermont. Coming here next?

Using their version of "Transgender Non-Discrimination" law

August 28, 2009

The homosexual movement in Vermont is using a new transgender-rights law to force schools to recognize "transgender" students and provide unisex restrooms for them in middle schools and high schools-- a beginning of expanded demands in the future and the forced legitimization of transgender behavior targeting children.

In 2007 Vermont passed a "Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Act" similar to the one being proposed in Massachusetts, but not as extensive. Nevertheless, the homosexual / transgender movement is now using that law to require middle schools and high schools to have "genderless bathrooms" to accommodate "transgender" children.

The Associated Press (AP) reported this today. It's a confusing article to read because they refer to a girl as "he". But it's clear that this is the start of a powerful movement by the homosexual / transgender lobby targeting kids in schools.

Interesting quotes:

"Once you start on that path, however, you are going to run into opposition. As you go down the road you need to be prepared for it."

-- Chairman of Vermont Human Rights Commission pushing for transgender rights in schools.

"The hope is that this is the first statewide gender-neutral bathroom campaign in the country."
-- Vermont homosexual activist

Familiar tactics

It's one of the things we've been warning people in the MA bill.  This is the first step in a new "transgender" frontier targeting kids.

The homosexual movement is using their familiar tactics: (1) They've identified a "tansgender" victim - a 16-year-old girl who dresses so convincingly as a boy that she sometimes gets nasty comments when she enters a female restroom. (2) The put in place a legal tribunal - the Vermont Human Rights Commission (similar to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) - which has the power to "enforce laws" including "gender identity" discrimination. (3) They are getting the camel's nose in the door by using big resources to win a small case, which they can use as leverage to expand afterwards. (4) They are strategically using the friendly media to frame the issue to the public from their point of view.

Coming up: big problems for parents and kids

Their initial demands are just for a single-room bathroom similar to handicapped bathrooms. But this is just the beginning. Already we see are the larger problems coming up pretty quickly:

  1. As more "transgender" students are identified and the movement gains strength, this will escalate into demands that all bathrooms and locker rooms be open to any child self-identifying as that (opposite) sex.

  2. This legitimizes and institutionalizes the concept of "transgenderism" as a normal behavior for middle-school and high-school children.

  3. Criticism of transgender behavior will be banned.

  4. Most important: These children are actually suffering from "gender identity disorder" and need real psychological help, not politically-correct pandering that will cause more self-destruction.

This will happen here in Massachusetts (and other places)

This is why stopping the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" H1728 here in Massachusetts is so critical. The homosexual lobby is poised to use this law to force transgender behavior to be legitimized among kids in public schools without parents' consent, or even knowledge. We MUST stop it. We will keep you informed on what you can do to help.