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Boston Globe reacts to MassResistance-generated outrage over gay musical at local high school

Publishes glowing article in Sunday's paper supporting bizarre play

POSTED: Dec 7, 2009

Last week's MassResistance article on the homosexual musical being performed at Concord-Carlisle High School next weekend stirred up a huge outrage. Obviously, they needed to do something about it.

Bizarre homosexual musical suddenly attracts attention

The play, "Falsettos," is a highly sexualized story around a father who leaves his family to live with his homosexual lover. It includes students acting out homosexual roles and singing lines like "Don't make noise but daddy's kissing boys." And it's being directed by a well-known homosexual activist teacher at the school, Peter Atlas, who is connected to Kevin Jennings and has been a GLSEN Board member.

As we observed, it's basically just the latest example of activist school officials pushing the homosexual agenda on kids. They want to constantly reinforce the idea that homosexuality and its related behaviors and relationships are completely normal.

The play's upcoming production had been pretty much unnoticed, largely because the descriptions published by the school and in the local press were completely misleading and made no mention of the homosexual content. But now it's become a lightning rod at Concord-Carlisle High School and in the town.

But our story caught fire pretty quickly around the country. Shortly after we posted it WorldNetDaily led their main news page with it. Other blogs and news sites also picked it up pretty quickly.

We received a LOT of emails about this, and apparently so did the school. Several people connected with the school complained to us about the flood of angry calls and emails they received, condemning them for doing such a thing with children.  (Some nasty responses to us from students and others connected with the school are on our blog. - LINK)

Boston Globe steps in

Something obviously needed to be done to counter the wave of bad publicity. So on Sunday the Boston Globe retaliated with a completely one-sided, biased article praising the school and describing the play in glowing terms.


BELOW: Botton section of front page of Sunday's "West Weekly" section of the Boston Globe.

It lays it on pretty thick, even by Globe standards. The Globe article congratulates the school for breaking new ground and fostering "an environment that welcomes diversity of all kinds, including sexual orientation."

The article is full of positive quotes from students like:

"Among most groups here, [homosexuality is] widely accepted, just another thing that the person is, and not something negative. A characteristic, like having blue eyes,'' said stage manager Ben Marsh. "There will always be a few jerks who think it's not OK, but that's to be expected. This play definitely discourages stereotypes and serves as an information source.''

And this . . .

Sophomore Hannah Kilcoyne plays 12-year-old Jason, Marvin's son, in Concord-Carlisle's production, and for her the performance holds significance beyond what she ever expected to find in a high school musical.

"Jason's family story is really similar to my family story,'' said Kilcoyne, who experienced the divorce that resulted from her mother's coming out as a lesbian. Now I'm up on stage portraying something that is very normal to me but will educate other people about different families and different lives.

Yuck! Just what we all want to know about. But these kinds of quotes are meant to give a propaganda-like impression to the readers, particularly other students who might read the article.

Classic Boston Globe pseudo-journalism: Opposition marginalized

The article is classic Globe pseudo-journalism: Lots of people are quoted, but all the quotes are from people who support the production. No quotes critical of it are in the article. We happen to know that there are plenty of people at the school and in the community who strongly oppose this.  But the Globe has no interest in including both sides. It wants to make a statement that the community is 100% in favor of it.

The article does weave in the fact that MassResistance objects, but does it using a journalistically dishonest method in order to marginalize it. It mentions the Westboro Baptist Church demonstration that happened two years ago in Acton, Mass. and follows that immediately with:

Concord-Carlisle has not escaped notice for its staging of "Falsettos.'' The play caught the attention of MassResistance.org, a grass-roots activist group in Massachusetts, whose online newsletter recently ran a headline saying "Concord-Carlisle High School presenting depraved homosexual musical.''

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