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Here's how homosexual activist Kevin Jennings got his White House "safe schools czar" job: The old-fashioned way

Raised millions of dollars for Obama for President campaign!

(See video below!)

October 9, 2009

As MassResistance and others have reported on the outrageous appointment of Kevin Jennings by Barack Obama to become the national "safe schools" czar, a powerful new Department of Education position, without Senate confirmation. Jennings is the ultra-activist former teacher with a long record of pushing homosexual propaganda in the schools. Jennings founded and ran the national group Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

This past week the big question on Sean Hannity's national Fox show (and other shows) was: How was this guy vetted? How did the Obama people let Jennings slip through the cracks?

Here's the answer. Obama knew exactly who he was. Jennings got his job the old-fashioned way: He raised millions of dollars from the homosexual community for Obama's Presidential campaign.

Watch the video below of Jennings' fundraising work  at an LTGB event in New York City - with Bill Clinton in attendance. They raised $600,000 that day for Obama. (It was held at the home of some wealthy donors and organized by Jennings.)

Here's how Barack Obama vetted his "safe schools" czar (note Bill Clinton standing with Jennings):

Sordid and frightening background

This is a man who admitted that as a teacher he counseled a 15-year-old boy at the school to continue having a sexual relationship with an adult man the boy had met in a bus station restroom. "Just make sure you know how to use a condom," Jennings said he told the boy.

Kevin Jennings' group GLSEN organizes homosexual clubs in high schools and middle schools across the country. And under Jennings' direct leadership, GLSEN has done hideous things to kids in Massachusetts, including the Fistgate conference and the homosexual Little Black Book - which we exposed and publicized -- as well as the various "gay days" and "transgender days" and similar activities in high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools. GLSEN also uses "anti-bullying" programs as a foot in the door for homosexual and transgender indoctrination of even the youngest children. So it's not only one young teenager in Concord he affected and encouraged to make a dangerous life choice. It's thousands of children in Massachusetts and across the nation.

See MassResistance report on Kevin
Jennings' activities in Massachusetts

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This is the man Barack Obama wants to run the national "safe schools" programs in your schools! Luckily, conservative groups around the country are thousands of people are fighting back!