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MassResistance at Maine State House for blockbuster press conference on upcoming marriage vote

Warning voters, exposing radical funding -- press pays attention!

POSTED: November 1, 2009

The sputtering campaign for traditional marriage in Maine got a shot in the arm last Wednesday, Oct. 28, as MassResistance joined the Maine GrassRoots Coalition and Americans for Truth in the historic Hall of Flags in the Maine State House for a blockbuster press conference warning the voters of Maine about the implications of the upcoming election and exposing sources of funding from radical groups.

This Tuesday, Nov. 3, Maine voters decide whether to strike down the law legalizing "gay marriage", passed by the Maine Legislature earlier this year.

The Maine State House.

Below: The historic Hall of Flags before the press conference.

As the press conference began reporters from across the state gathered around.

Brian Camenker of MassResistance addresses the press conference as Paul Madore (next to him) and Peter LaBarbera (far left) look on.

The press conference was covered by newspapers, TV, and radio across Maine. By many accounts, this represented the first direct public discussion of these issues. GrassRoots Coalition President Paul Madore denounced false and misleading press articles and advertising by the gay lobby that demonize supporters of traditional marriage, and the general misrepresentation about where much of the homosexual lobby's funding is coming from.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, described in detail the extreme anti-family and radical sexual agenda of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign, both of which are major funders of the anti-marriage campaign in Maine. Take a look at who's paying for this, LaBarbera told the crowd.

Brian Camenker of MassResistance described how the public schools in Massachusetts use homosexual "marriage" to impose an aggressive and militant homosexual agenda and normalization of homosexuality through grades K-12. And furthermore, two federal judges have ruled that because of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, parents have no right to opt-out their children or even be notified about these programs.  A blown-up version of a MassResistance article -- which was sent across Maine last month -- was also displayed near the podium (see photo below).

Above: Brian Camenker makes a point near blown-up poster (at right) of MassResisstance article sent across Maine. 

Below: Paul Madore (left) and Peter Labarbera (right) make their points.

The newspaper and TV reports of the press conference seem to have energized people, Paul Madore told MassResistance this weekend.

A few of the press reports:

      WCHS TV: "Coalition Claims Same Sex Marriage Part Of Radical Agenda"

      Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel: "Activists decry 'radical' agenda"

Reporters ask questions during press conference.

Fight to the finish

The homosexual lobby has been raising money across the country and slick television ads about "tolerance" and "equality" and is sending campaign workers into Maine from other states. Last month the Maine Grassroots Coalition responded by sending the MassResistance article "What same-sex marriage did to Massachusetts" to 197,000 homes across the state. The newly-formed group Stand for Marriage Maine, supported by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has been airing TV ads but has not done grassroots organization in any significant way.

Stand on Marriage and NOM have been criticized by some conservatives for taking a low-key approach on issues of homosexuality regarding the "gay marriage" issue, to the point of occasionally conceding that "domestic partnerships" or civil unions would be an acceptable substitute.


After the press conference ended, reporters continued to gather around Paul Madore (far right) and interview him.



Supporters of traditional marriage were there giving support. Note: The sign "Shame on you, Baldacci" refers to the Governor of Maine who signed the homosexual 'marriage' law.


Lurking in the background. The head of the pro-gay marriage campaign (center) showed up to watch and do his best to bash the pro-family position to any reporter who would listen.