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Martha Coakley's radical record

Democrat Martha Coakley, if elected to US Senate, would be most radical member of Congress ever from Massachusetts

POSTED: Jan 8, 2009

Martha Coakley, if elected, would probably be the most left-wing, anti-family member of Congress in Massachusetts history. She's more extreme than Ted Kennedy or current US Reps Michael Capuono, Nikki Tsongas, and even Barney Frank.

Besides her public statements, Coakley has a clear record. She is currently the Massachusetts Attorney General, and before that was Middlesex County District Attorney. Make no mistake about this: If you believe in traditional values, Martha Coakley really despises you. 

How bad is she? Here are just a few examples:

General left-wing anti-family positions

  • Coakley wholeheartedly supports the whole range of trendy far-left positions:
    (1) SUPPORTS ObamaHealthCare;
    (2) SUPPORTS "Cap and Trade" and global warming legislation;
    (3) SUPPORTS Giving illegal immigrants a "path to citizenship." 
    (4) SUPPORTS Federal hate crimes legislation;
    (5) SUPPORTS Full repeal of "don't ask don't tell" regarding homosexuals serving openly in the military;
    (6) Also is 100% anti-death penalty -- she originally supported the death penalty for cop killers but now even opposes that.

  • Militantly pro-abortion. For a while she refused to support ObamaCare unless it included taxpayer-funded abortion. Supports the "buffer zone" around abortion clinics.

Honoring "gay marriage". Martha Coakley congratulates the homosexual community on 5 years of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts at public event last May, as MassEquality president Scott Gortikov (right) and Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Sodom and Gomorrah) look on.
[MassResistance photo]

Enthusiastic support of radical homosexual / transgender agenda

  • Militantly pro-homosexual "marriage". Last year, as Mass. Attorney General, she filed a lawsuit against the federal government to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)!

  • Raises money for the homosexual lobby. For example, in May, 2007 Coakley was the keynote speaker at the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association annual fundraising dinner. In August, 2007 she was the "marquee special guest" at the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (lobbyists) annual fundraiser.

  • Endorsed by radical homosexual organizations MassEquality and the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition, which cites Coakley's "strong commitment to the LGBT community." Coakley has promised to push the homosexual and transgender agenda as a US Senator.

  • Gave a public congratulatory speech at MassEquality event to celebrate five years of same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts (see photo above).

  • Personally went to the State House to testify in favor of passing the radical Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill (H1728) at public hearing in July. Coakley is a huge supporter of so-called "transgender rights" - probably more so than Barney Frank! (photo below)

Martha Coakley testifies at State House public hearing last July in favor of radical Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill.
[MassResistance photo]

Putting radical politics before safety of your children

  • Refused to investigate horrendous Fistgate incident where gay activists were teaching children how to engage in homosexual sex. Immediately after the "Fistgate" conference, Scott Whiteman hand-delivered an affidavit of the incident to Coakley, then Middlesex County District Attorney. Her office refused to respond in any way despite repeated requests.

  • Refused to investigate the lack of CORI (criminal record) checks on homosexual activists working with public schoolchildren, which is required with anyone working with children in Massachusetts - but homosexual activists ignore that. "I think I know your agenda," Coakley's spokesman told us. "You seem to have a problem with gay people. The state's Attorney General is not going to investigate this." (See our report)

Other issues

  • In the infamous Amirault "Fells Acres Day Care" case, Coakley did her best to keep a clearly innocent man in prison to advance her political career as a "hard-nosed prosecutor." It is known nationally as a horrible miscarriage of justice. See Wall Street Journal article on this. Also See Ann Coulter's column on this.

  • Has received national condemnation for lax handling of 2005 child rape case. Somerville police officer raped his 23-month-old neice with metal object. Coakley released him with no bail and did almost nothing. Later another prosecutor took the case and the man received 2 life terms. Read more here.

  • Coakley is completely in bed (metaphorically speaking) with the despised anti-family public sector unions, including the teachers union and most notably the SEIU, which carries water for her and vise versa. (Photo below)

  • And we haven't even touched issues such as Coakley's caving in to the corrupt Big Dig contractors and settling with them rather than go to trial, a decision that has been widely criticized by liberals and conservatives alike.

  • She refuses to debate her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, one-on-one. She requires that the minor third-party Libertarian candidate for Senate also be part of the debate. Interestingly, in 2006 when she ran for Attorney General, Coakley refused to debate at all.

But suffice it to say that Martha Coakley in the US Senate would be a nightmare not only for Massachusetts but for all of America.

Martha Coakley (center) with her SEIU thug buddies. (She seems to like that orange jacket.)