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Big national implications as Martha Coakley and Scott Brown square off for Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat

The results of this election could change America

POSTED: Dec 11, 2009

As most of you know, Tuesday's primary election to fill Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat wasn't much of a stunner. Both frontrunners won. In the Democratic primary Attorney General Martha Coakley beat out three other candidates with 47%, and State Senator Scott Brown got 89% against Jack E. Robinson.

Coakley and Brown will face each other in the general election January 19. This race has huge implications, both locally and nationally.

Another radical anti-family legislator in Congress?

The kind of representation we get in the US Senate could hardly be different. Martha Coakley is even more radically left-wing across the board than Ted Kennedy, if that's possible. Her long record of aggressive anti-family positions and activities is breathtaking. (We will be doing much more on this in the coming weeks.) Scott Brown is a pretty decent conservative (though not completely pro-life) who has mainstream positions (including pro-traditional marriage) and doesn't back down to left-wing pressure and intimidation.

Most people in Massachusetts have no knowledge of the extent of Martha Coakley's radical-left anti-family, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual record. That certainly needs to change.

60th vote in the US Senate to stop Obama agenda?

But from a national standpoint, this REALLY could make a difference. Scott Brown would replace the 60th Democratic vote in the US Senate which is needed to stop a filibuster.  This would effectively stop the tidal wave of hideous Obama legislation, starting from the health care bill (if that's still being debated then). This is a big deal for the entire country.

Six weeks of campaigning coming up . . .

We hope that the Brown campaign takes advantage of this and hammers the voters here about how their lives will be changed - even ruined - if the Left's agendas are allowed to run rampant.

Do the Republicans have the guts to run the kind of aggressive campaign this will require? We'll see.

Let's just hope that none of John McCain's national campaign staff is allowed anywhere near here!