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Attack mailings from Martha Coakley's campaign

Disgusting and absurd mailings from Coakley campaign attacking Scott Brown

POSTED: January 18, 2010 

The Coakley campaign has gone all out in venemous TV ads, mailings, and even phone calls. All of the mailings shown below were received on one day -- Saturday, Jan. 16 -- three days before the election. All have a return address of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

Mailing #1. Disgusting claim that Brown wants hospitals
to ban treatment for rape victims.

This is a hideous lie. Brown merely offered an amendment to a bill which would allow a conscience clause to individual hospital workers to opt out regarding dispensing the "morning-after" pill.  Read further analysis on this disgusting mailing HERE.

Front and back:


Inside pages:

Mailing #2: Lame "What can Brown do TO you?"

Attempt to connect Brown with George Bush. The piece has prompted UPS to send a letter to the Democratic Party demanding they stop, as the Boston Herald has reported.

Large 2-sided postcard:



Mailing #3: Another lame attempt to connect Brown to George Bush.

Is this the best the dems can do?  No mention of their candidate here.

Large 2-sided postcard:



Mailing #4: Yet another lame attempt to connect Brown to George Bush

Pretty embarrassing, we'd say.

Large 2-sided postcard:



Bonus #5: Parody TV attack ad

It's gotten so ridiculous that people are starting to post parodies of the Coakley attack ads. The one below is the best we've seen so far.