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Barack Obama comes to Northeastern University in Boston for Martha Coakley rally. From the outside, you'd almost think it was a Brown rally!

More Brown signs and Brown excitement than for Coakley!

POSTED: January 17, 2010

Outside the hall where Obama and Coakley were speaking.

You would almost think it was a Brown rally, not a Coakley rally.

On Sunday afternoon Barack Obama came to Northeastern University to help Martha Coakley. Also there were the usual liberal elite crowd, Democratic officeholders, Ted Kennedy's widow, and union thugs bussed in. And of course, the street was lined with police, paid for by the taxpayer no doubt.

But it was like no Democratic rally we've ever seen in Boston. Outside the auditorium there were far more signs outside for Scott Brown than for Democrat Martha Coakley! And the Brown people were much more enthusiastic. The Coakley supporters seemed lackluster. Many waiting in line were clearly students and young people excited about seeing Obama.

More interestingly, you'd think that at a college you'd see the young people whooping it up for the liberal. But the "activist" students seemed to all be for Brown, and they were pretty passionate.

Below: An army of (taxpayer-funded) cops were there to keep order. No problem. It was a pretty dull crowd.