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Conservative activist Ryan Sorba booed at CPAC conference for voicing pro-family stand on homosexuality!

Is the pro-family movement turning into mush? (See VIDEO below)

POSTED: Feb. 25, 2010

The deteriorating state of the mainstream conservative movement was clear last weekend as conservative activist Ryan Sorba was loudly booed at the CPAC Conference for voicing a pro-family stand on homosexuality and the homosexual movement. But Sorba's outburst has now reverberated across the country, and serves as a shot across the bow that pro-family conservatives have had enough of caving in to "big tent" social liberalism and absurd political correctness.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held last week Washington DC, is the largest annual gathering of "mainstream" conservatives in the country, attracting nearly 10,000 attendees.

In a recent posting we reported that CPAC has broken new ground this year by including a homosexual group that espouses most of the radical homosexual agenda that many conservatives are battling against. The supposedly "conservative" homosexual activist group GoProud was included by CPAC's organizers as co-sponsor of the entire event and a participant in a panel discussion.

See recent MassResistance posting:

Ryan Sorba, chairman of California Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), was on a panel on CPAC's main stage to talk about his involvement exposing ACORN. But the previous speaker, Alexander McCobin of the CATO-affiliated Students For Liberty (SFL), had used his time at the podium to praise CPAC for including the homosexual group.

So Sorba, author of the upcoming book "The Born Gay Hoax", decided to set things straight. When he was called to the podium he publicly condemned CPAC for inviting GoProud. As he began to give his reasons, the audience of "conservatives' began booing him. But Sorba stood his ground. It's the strangest thing to see at a "conservative" gathering. (At one point he even referenced the lesbians at Smith College who disrupted his speech in 2008.)

For an in-depth report of what happened that day, see:

VIDEO: Ryan Sorba's speech at CPAC and the audience's reaction.

Strong reactions within hours of Sorba speech

Within hours of Ryan Sorba's speech, the Internet buzzed with strong reaction.

On the pro-family side, Americans for Truth supported Ryan Sorba 100% and praised him for his courage.

But the RINO pro-gay social-liberals came out of the closet and were particularly vicious. Almost immediately David Horowitz's blog condemned Sorba as "pompous" and homophobic and even included a dig at the Bible. published a screed by a "gay Republican" that was quite crude. was condescending and dismissive.

CNN celebrates "gayness" at CPAC

Interestingly, the day before Sorba's speech CNN did a puff piece about how great was that there are "gay conservatives" at CPAC this year. Of course, they spin it as if this is the new direction of the conservative movement. They showed a particularly obnoxious scene where the people at the National Organization of Marriage booth tell CNN that they "refuse to see this as an issue" and then, on camera, NOM goes to the GoProud booth and offer to "have a summit" with them.

Mainstream conservative movement succumbing

As we've pointed out before, conservatism and the homosexual movement are mutually incompatible on many, many levels. And it's not any secret that so-called "conservative" gays publicly share the most of the same radical socially destructive goals that are now breaking down our culture by introducing a range of social pathologies.

Unfortunately, "mainstream" conservative groups like CPAC that promulgate the "big tent" approach (and the young Republican wannabees who make up the bulk of their followers) are perfect targets for the Alinsky-like tactics of radicals who appear moderate while they work toward Obama-like change from the inside -- and then attack anyone who doesn't go along with the "progress".

And it's not just CPAC by any means. We've see it in National Review and The Weekly Standard, which caved in a long time ago and influence a new generation.

By speaking out loudly and boldly, Ryan Sorba did exactly what needs to be done by all of us. Don't be afraid! Go forth and tell the truth!