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Now on daytime TV: Graphic homosexual sex scene debuts on ABC's One Life to Live

Warning: Pretty gross. Using psychological tactic of "jamming" to normalize behavior.

POSTED: Jan 1, 2010

The homosexual movement is using daytime TV to "jam" the normalization of homosexual sex into the minds of Americans, and the TV networks and advertisers are (as usual) right on board.

What is "jamming" and what does it have to do with media?
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Daytime soap operas have always been a little racy when it comes to sexual themes. But this is a new dimension entirely.

This past Wednesday, Dec. 30, One Life to Live made history with the first graphic homosexual love scene between two men. They obviously intend to do more.

           Here's the link to the video. Caution: It's pretty gross.

There was a time when advertisers would be terribly afraid to fund anything like this. But the new generation of corporate America seems to revel in it. As we know, big corporations now fund much of the homosexual movement, including GLSEN, the homosexual Human Rights Campaign, and most of the other major groups.

They're obviously not afraid of public opinion. We need to change that.