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Maine's "Transgender Law" forcing schools to allow boys and girls to access opposite-sex restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams

Includes both public and private schools!

POSTED: Feb 19, 2010

The horror we've predicted that the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill would bring to Massachusetts -- is already happening in Maine. And it will happen in other states unless it's stopped.

In 2005, Maine passed a "Transgender rights" law -- a watered down version of the radical H1728 now being considered in the Massachusetts Legislature. But even that weaker version - which mandates the normalization of homosexuality, cross-dressing and transgender behavior -- is now causing nightmares for parents of schoolchildren.

Since the law passed, the pro-homosexual bureaucracy has been drafting regulations to force the transgender agenda into the public schools.

This week Mike Hein of the Christian Civic League of Maine / Maine Family Policy Council reported that the Maine Human Rights Commission, a tribunal similar to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, has ruled that there is "unlawful discrimination" on the basis of "gender identity" in Maine's public schools.

For in-depth report see MassResistance blog article:

"The commission has found reasonable grounds to believe that unlawful discrimination occurred in a complaint alleging that an elementary school had an obligation to allow a transgender student access to common bathrooms consistent with that student's gender identity, and the commission is a party to a court complaint in that case," said documents the League has received.

Official "guidelines" are now being drafted by pro-GLBT bureaucrats, since the enabling legislation has already been passed. This is what will happen in Massachusetts and other states if H1728 and similar laws are passed.

The "non-discrimination" guidelines will allow boys who have chosen to "identify as girls" to use girls' restrooms and locker rooms, and participate on girls' sports teams (and vice versa). The Commission has scheduled a public hearing on the guidelines for March 1.

According to Hein, the regulations were developed and drafted in secret sessions of the Commission that should have been open to the public. He was finally able to get a copy of the documents by filing a Freedom of Information request.

But this is just the first step. "Although the recommendations are offered to public schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in the form of 'guidelines,' schools which violate the 'guidelines' will be brought before the Commission, and may be subject to further legal action," said Hein in a press release.

"Any school in Maine whose authority to grant diplomas is authorized by the state will have to follow these guidelines. That includes Christian and private schools," Hein added.

Press reports:

The Massachusetts connection

The Commission's "findings" stem from a case brought forth in Maine by Mary Bonauto, the well-known lesbian lawyer for the Massachusetts-based (and taxpayer-funded) Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD). Bonauto is best known for being the lead lawyer in the infamous Goodridge case which brought same-sex "marriage" to Massachusetts.

Pushing the radical envelope

As MassResistance has consistently warned, this also opens the door for the discussion in schools of transgenderism and so-called "sex-change" operations for children, even as young as elementary school age. Assemblies and events introducing kids to these concepts have already been taking place in some high schools in Massachusetts.