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George Soros group attacking MassResistance over 'safe schools' czar research

Left-wing propaganda attack group" Media Matters" targeting MassResistance in attempt to defend 'safe schools' czar Kevin Jennings

POSTED: Jan 1 2010

A major left-wing propaganda attack group funded by billionaire George Soros has begun aggressively targeting MassResistance because of our exposure of Kevin Jennings, Obama's "safe-schools" czar and his activities pushing homosexuality on schoolchildren.

Media Matters is headed by David Brock, an ex-conservative writer (and "out" homosexual) who now professes his hatred for conservatism and conservatives. Media Matters has a large staff and millions of dollars per year in funding.

The group's purported mission is to be a "rapid-response" site that "informs" the mainstream media on bias. But more precisely, Media Matters' true mission is to viciously discredit any non-liberal discourse with a flood of distortions, rumors, and outright lies. Their targets have ranged from Fox News to conservative news reporters and radio commentators.

How vicious and deceptive is Media Matters?

Watch this powerful O'Reilly Factor Fox News report about them:


More videos about Media Matters:

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Defending Kevin Jennings and attacking MassResistance

When MassResistance's research exposing Kevin Jennings began to be covered in some of the major media this past October, Media Matters started attacking the news outlets (Fox, Washington Times, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, etc.) that reported on it. Media Matters has published dozens of such" attack" columns in the past two months.

Now they're going after MassResistance. In two recent postings, they've put together a big collection of lies, distortions, misinformation and propaganda to try to discredit MassResistance and our facts about Kevin Jennings -- and the horrible things his group GLSEN has done with children.

Posts from Media Matters attacking MassResistance:

Dec. 10, 2009: Anti-gay "hate group" MassResistance is source for right-wing media attacks on Jennings

Dec. 15, 2009: Unraveling the Right's false attacks on Kevin Jennings

Getting to the truth

It would take a long time to rebut all of their multiple absurd allegations (and we may publish that soon). But here are a few of the major ones:

MEDIA MATTERS ALLEGATION: MassResistance is a "hate group."

THE TRUTH: This is completely ridiculous. It's a common tactic by liberals to call anyone they don't like "haters" or "bigots". This particular smear originated from the far-left, widely discredited "Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)" which uses the same tactic against other pro-family groups (and also against anti-illegal immigration groups, Catholic groups, and others).

For more on this see:

MassResistance report: MassResistance declared "hate group" by extremist pro-homosexual "Southern Poverty Law Center"

FAIR: Understanding the tactics of the SPLC to discredit immigration reform groups

The Weekly Standard: Second Hand Hate: Another step downhill for modern liberalism

(Media Matters even brings up the late Dean Barnett, a weird pro-gay left-wing Republican who wrote a nasty hatchet-piece attacking Brian Camenker back in 2007.)

MEDIA MATTERS ALLEGATION: MassResistance lied about knowing noted Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross and discussing the treatment of homosexuals in the camps with him.

THE TRUTH: Media Matters was repeating lie first published in the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows. In 2007, MassResistance President Brian Camenker testified before the Education Committee of the Massachusetts Legislature about discussions he'd had with Stephan Ross -- that from his first-hand observations much of the current left-wing rhetoric about homosexuals being interned and murdered the way Jews were is simply untrue.

Bay Windows claimed that Stephan Ross "told" them he had no knowledge of MassResistance. They further claimed and that Ross' son, Boston City Councilor Michael Ross, concurred with that.

In fact, Stephan Ross and Camenker have been close friends for years. Stephan Ross was the main speaker at the 2005 MassResistance banquet. Both Ross and his son Michael had been to Camenker's home and have met his family. Stephan Ross has discussed the true facts about homosexuals and the Nazis on many occasions, including in the book "The Pink Swastika" by Scott Lively.


BELOW: Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross addresses MassResistance banquet in 2005 as Brian Camenker looks on.

Kevin Jennings actually had no prior knowledge of the content of the "Fistgate" workshops and disavowed it when he heard of it.

THE TRUTH: That's just wishful thinking. As MassResistance has shown, the opposite is true. All of Jennings' prior writings and speeches point to his knowledge and endorsement of the "Fistgate" workshops. Furthermore, the titles of the workshops described pretty clearly what went on. The instructors were quite open about the fact that they'd given the same workshops several times previously. After the incident, Jennings continued to espouse the same aggressive rhetoric about teenagers and gay sex. Jennings' alleged "disavowal" consists merely of a single throw-away comment in a Boston Globe article.

For more on this, see the MassResistance Blog.  Also HERE on the MassResistance blog.  [Note: Google continues to block the MassResistance Blog with a "warning" screen about "objectionable" content, which you have to click through.]

These are just a few from the long list of lies and distortions in Media Matters about MassResistance. They are doing their best to try to demonize MassResistance and anybody else who exposes Kevin Jennings. And they are attempting to spread disinformation as widely as possible.

Obviously, we must be making a difference or they wouldn't go to this trouble!

We will be publishing a larger account of their lies, etc., soon.

A ruthless bunch of people.

Anyone who's been in this battle has certainly experienced these kinds of tactics. The Left, and particularly the kinds of people behind Media Matters, are very serious about stopping any opposition to their agendas.

Three things are pretty clear about these people:

1. They are willing to lie, distort facts, intimidate, harass, or do anything necessary.

2. They are sexual revolutionaries. These people honestly believe that adult activists pushing homosexuality on young children is fine, and even desirable. The incredibly horrific things we've been exposing do not bother them at all.

3. There are very powerful and extremely well-funded. As the author in the O'Reilly interview (above) said, the total of the richest conservative groups total about only 15% of the left-wing groups. In general, anti-family groups usually have 10 times the money that pro-family groups have.

But our side has the numbers of people that they don't have. Our challenge is to mobilize people, fight back, make our voices heard, and not let the minority of radicals have their way.

Here at MassResistance we are not going to be intimidated. Nor are we going to back down. We are growing every day and we are going to fight this fight to the finish.