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MassResistance's Camenker is featured speaker at South Boston Tea Party meeting

Well received by crowd that was shocked at what they heard

POSTED: Feb 19, 2010

Nearly 100 people crowded into the Michael Perkins VFW Post in South Boston last weekend for an energetic "Tea Party" meeting. Brian Camenker of MassResistance was one of the three featured speakers.

The other speakers were Susan Long, organizer of the event, and Jason Healey, chairman of the Ward 7 Republican Committee. Others in attendance who stood up and spoke briefly included Christy Mihos, candidate for Governor, and Rep. Karyn Polito (R-Shrewsbury) who is considering a run for state Treasurer. (Mihos publicly supports the "opt-in" parents rights bill on his website.)

Susan Long is a native of South Boston and has been a political activist and pro-family activist for many years. At the meeting she stressed that the Tea Party movement is neither Republican nor Democrat, and that fiscal and social conservatism cannot be separated if government is to work properly. She said she invited MassResistance to let people know hear how conservative activism can be successful even under seemingly impossible circumstances.

Camenker spoke about the horror stories in the public schools inflicted by homosexual activists and funded by taxpayer money, as well as bills before the Massachusetts legislature that would make things even worse. He talked about successful battles by citizens to fight back. In particular, he discussed the struggle several years ago to get the Parental Notification Law (Ch. 71 Sec. 32A) passed, despite vicious attacks from the homosexual lobby, Planned Parenthood, and the teachers' union. Plus a Legislature and Governor who were not supportive.

Camenker's talk was quite well received and many people were shocked at what they heard and came up to him afterwards for more information.

Some Tea Party leaders around New England (especially "big tent" Republican types) want to avoid the so-called "social issues." But we've found that the rank and file activists understand the serious threat America faces in this regard and do not want to ignore it.