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Catholic activists unravel confusion about exclusion of lesbians' son from Catholic school in Hingham

Homosexual movement at work behind the scenes

POSTED: June 3, 2010

You could tell there was something fishy going on. A couple sent in an application to enroll their son into the third grade at St. Paul's Elementary School in Hingham. On the application they gave their first initials and last names. Later, when the priest found out that the "parents" were two women -- lesbian activists, it turns out -- he rescinded the acceptance.

Then the media exploded. Suddenly it was on the evening TV news on every station. Then it was on the radio, the talk shows, and the front pages of the papers.

Then the major Catholic fund-raising organizations, run by liberal Catholic businessmen, publicly threatened the Archdiocese. According to the Boston Globe, the Catholic Schools Foundation sent out a letter warning that "it would not subsidize tuition at any school with a discriminatory admissions policy." The chairman for Campaign for Catholic Schools called the incident an "aberration" and that "it would discourage corporate donors."

(Interestingly, the same day these big Catholic donors made their threats, the Pope publicly proclaimed that same-sex marriage is "insidious and dangerous.")

At first the Archdiocese appeared to be backing down. A Boston Globe editorial praised the Cardinal for "doing the right thing." But then it seemed like he was supporting the priest. Or was he? Between the press reports (which were unreliable and biased) and Church statements, it began to get confusing.

Just a sample of the media frenzy:

The homosexual movement at work

Adding to the aggravation, state and national homosexual activist figures were widely quoted in the media as authoritative sources. The Globe in particular used homosexual medical "facts" to claim that same-sex "parents" are no different to a child's psychology than normal parents.

It began to look more and more like much or all of this was orchestrated by homosexual activists. Everything fell into place just too well. Within days, the national homosexual organization Human Rights Campaign was raising money off of the incident and conducting a national letter-writing campaign to the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to "end these hurtful practives."

From blast email sent 5/16/10 by national homosexual group "Human Rights Campaign" for pressure campaign against Catholic officials.

This one is beyond the pale...

Just days ago, a Boston third-grader's admission to a Catholic school was rescinded – solely because his parents are lesbians . . .

Has the Church hierarchy apologized? No. Have they come out and said it was wrong to target the children of LGBT families? No. Have they said that they won't discriminate against LGBT families in the future? Not one bit.

Now, we understand that our constitution protects the right of religious institutions to make decisions that may be inconsistent with state nondiscrimination laws. But that doesn't make it right. The Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – should apply to us all. Will you help us take a stand against the Catholic Church hierarchy's deeply hurtful rejection and exclusion of those children's parents?

Please, send a letter to Cardinal Francis George, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, urging him to not make this a nationwide trend and to end these hurtful practices targeting LGBT parents and their kids.

This also mirrors what homosexual activists have been doing in the public schools for a long time. Once their kids are in a school, they become very visible at school activities and force the school to accommodate the concept of homosexual "parents" as normal to all kids in the school. It's worked like a charm for them pretty much everywhere. The next logical target appears to be Catholic schools.

Catholic activists get to the truth

What is really going on? What really happened? How should the Catholic Church respond to these things? Did the church leaders do the right thing?

A group of well-respected conservative Catholics have done some excellent research on this on a rather interesting Catholic blog. They've obviously put in a lot of work getting to the bottom of things and putting it in an understandable way.

We would recommend that anyone interested in this read their report: