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Four Videos: The "Day of Silence" exposed and confronted

The agenda in schools and the propaganda machine driving it

POSTED: April 13, 2010

The Day of Silence is more than just another homosexual "event" in the public schools. It is a major assault on kids' minds by homosexual activists. It's their cornerstone activity to proselytize America's youth.

1. Linda Harvey discusses "What's wrong with the Day of Silence?"

This will tell you pretty much everything you need to know. Very informative, and pretty scary. Linda really knows her stuff.

2. "Dare to Stand": A church confronts the "Day of Silence" with powerful video

This powerful, professionally produced video, created by a church in Illinois, has infuriated the homosexual movement with its penetrating message.

Dare 2 Stand


3. Seattle pastor organizes successful anti-Day of Silence protest  

Two years ago, Pastor Ken Hutcherson gathered parents outside of the local high school on "Day of Silence" morning. According to news reports, over 400 kids stayed home from school there that day. See more on that event HERE.

4. Anti-Day of Silence resistance by students

There are lots of examples around the Web of resistance movements by students against the Day of Silence -- usually done under threats of punishment by school officials (i.e., incredibly hypocrisy, double standards, etc., by the adults).  This is one of the more interesting and inspiring videos.