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Transgender bill ignites controversy at Republican convention

Homosexual lobby angry at backpedaling by Charlie Baker

POSTED: April 21, 2010

It wasn't part of the plan, but the radical "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" made a big splash at the state Republican convention.

When the homosexual lobby wants to make a point, the media follows right along. Somehow it doesn't work that way for our side.

Early in the day a wave of fliers were passed out (not by us).  They warned people of Lt. Governor nominee Richard Tisei's was a sponsor of the bill and it also tied his running mate Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker to the bill.

Later on, the Baker campaign passed out fliers saying he'd veto it as Governor. However, he told the Boston Globe that this should not be construed as "pandering to conservatives." But that didn't placate them.

On Monday, the homosexual lobby's PR machine went into high gear to express their shock and anger after Charlie Baker for abandoning their agenda. On Tuesday, MassEquality's press release was being quoted everywhere.

As State House News reported about the homosexual lobby's anger at Baker:

MassEquality slammed Baker, noting that when he was CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Baker helmed a firm "that has for many years had a non-discrimination policy that protects applicants and employees on the basis of their gender identity." In a press release sent Monday night, MassEquality executive director Scott Gortikov said, "This is so disappointing. So many in our community had such high hopes for this candidate. I fear this is the Romney-fication of Charlie Baker. It's stunning to me that he would borrow from the playbook of the radical social conservatives and condone this language of marginalization." MassEquality political director DeeDee Edmondson said, "It appears Charlie Baker was for transgender civil rights before he was against them."

Read MassEquality's press release HERE.

Baker's campaign has stood its ground on the statement, which has only infuriated them more. But the homosexual activists' surprise is understandable given that Baker has been an ally of the homosexual movement for years.

Cahill's surprisingly sensible statement on tranny bill

State Treasurer Tim Cahill, an independent candidate for Governor, weighed in with a pretty surprising statement. Although Cahill is publicly pro-homosexual "marriage" and pro-choice, he made the most sensible statement of the day (by a politician) regarding the Transgender Bill. He told the Boston Globe:

While I oppose discrimination of any kind, the sponsors of this bill wrote it with a sledgehammer approach that could radically change the social landscape in the interest of protecting a small interest group. That is wrong. My opponent Charlie Baker claims he opposes the bill, but he picked Richard Tisei, one of the lead cosponsors of the bill."

Read entire Boston Globe article HERE

Boston Globe editorial pushes transgender bill

Obviously the uber-gay Boston Globe had to weigh in completely on this one. Tuesday's Globe featured an editorial titled "No, It's Not a Bathroom Bill" where they try to make the argument that if the bill passes, men in women's clothes won't really be using women's restrooms. Yeah, right. In fact, it's already happening. Take a look at a video HERE.

People are starting to get it

It looks like our insistence that this is much, much more than just a "bathroom bill" is making headway. Read our full report on the Transgender Bill HERE.

Also, MassResistance was also distributing a flier on the Transgender Bill at the Republican convention. You can see our flier HERE.

But MassEquality won't debate the issue

Tuesday evening the Jim Braude TV show on New England Cable News was setting up a debate between Brian Camenker of MassResistance and MassEquality's Political Director DeeDee Edmondson. The subject was the Transgender Bill, and MassEquality is the homosexual lobby group that's pushing it. But when DeeDee found out who she would be debating . . . well . . . she suddenly backed out!