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Media ignores left-wing hate at Boston Tea Party & Sarah Palin

Anger, racism, obscenity in attempts to disrupt event and intimidate conservatives

POSTED: April 16, 2010

As thousands of people, many with young children, came to the Boston Common on Wednesday morning to participate in the Tea Party and hear Sarah Palin and others give speeches, they were greeted by an army of left-wing thugs spewing hatred, racism, and obscene messages.

To their credit, most people just ignored the crashers, even though they did their best to disrupt the event and intimidate everyone there. In addition to holding signs, many of them screamed, chanted slogans and threw eggs at the podium.

All this was virtually ignored by the Boston media. The average person wouldn't even know about it.

Who are the real haters and "nut jobs"?

In the days leading up to the Tea Party the Boston media, particularly the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, warned that the Tea Party participants are hateful, bigoted, "right-wing nut jobs" and "wing nuts". Of course, the exact opposite was true.  

Who were the REAL nut jobs, haters, and wing nuts? The media doesn't want to talk about it. Worse, a few news commentators actually praised a some of the left-wing signs as the reaction of thoughtful dissidents with alternative opinions.  But in general it wasn't reported at all.  The Globe's website included a few among their 71 photos with the captions such as "A tea party opponent held signs with sarcastic messages."

Of course, there's a clear difference between (a) citizens legitimately upset over government mismanagement and corruption, versus (b) special-interest groups focusing hate towards those they disagree with.

More photos (and video) below . . .

(All photos and video by MassResistance.)


VIDEO: Here's just a bit of what people had to endure:




Much of this was organized by local union thugs, Socialist Workers Party, and similar groups. For more on that click HERE and HERE. (However, there were also union people there supporting and participating in the Tea Party.)

"Gay" activism

Not to be ignored, the homosexual contingent had its own banner and brigade of angry activists.  More on this particular group HERE.




Interesting confrontation

We'd love to know how this discussion ended.