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Homosexual activists poised to terrorize this week's "Truth Academy" in Chicago -- conference on the homosexual agenda in America

Usual fascist tactics to suppress opposing views

POSTED: Aug 4, 2010

As we reported earlier, the most comprehensive training on fighting the homosexual agenda in the United States in memory is being held this week, Thursday, Aug. 5 - Saturday, Aug. 7 in Chicago.

The "Truth Academy" has been organized by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) president Peter LaBarbera. (LaBarbera was the featured speaker at the MassResistance Banquet last March.) It includes an all-star cast of speakers from across America, including Matt Barber, Arthur Goldberg, Ryan Sorba, Greg Quinlan, Laurie Higgins, Prof. Rena Lindevaldson, Prof. Robert Gagnon, and Cliff Kincaid.

People from across the country will be there.

"Gay Liberation Network" planning massive protest
to disrupt event

But the homosexual movement does not want opposing views to even exist. They are planning to disrupt the event in any way they can.

On Thursday the radical homosexual hate group Gay Liberation Network has organized a massive protest of the event and will attempt to disrupt the event. And that's probably just the beginning of their plans They've even set up a Facebook page to coordinate their efforts with hundreds of homosexual activists who apparently have committed to participate.

If a homosexual group were holding a private event at a private location (and not involving public money) most of us would just ignore it. At the most, we'd be interested in quietly finding out what was going on. But the idea of trying to disrupt it and terrorize the participants and claiming that they don't have the right to even hold such a meeting is foreign to most Americans' thought process.

But the homosexual movement sees the world differently. They believe that disagreeing opinions them don't have a right to exist. They have no problem using fascist and barbaric tactics to harass, intimidate, and silence people. The ends justify the means.

And probably the most outrageous thing is that the media, public officials, and law enforcement look the other way when it happens.

EMAIL: Here are excerpts a Gay Liberation Network email sent out last week to their activists:

So many things about AFTAH's forthcoming anti-gay "academy" are offensive on their face that it's easy to lose sight of the broader, strategic reasons for organizing public protests against organizations like AFTAH.

Many rightly have a visceral reaction against organizations that try to turn back the clock to a time in American history when it was openly acceptable to scapegoat minorities who had already endured plenty of hate and discrimination, thank you very much.

Organizations like AFTAH that target young people for indoctrination with bigotry - their anti-gay "academy" says that it's for people as young as 14-years-old - recall historical pictures of adult white supremacists bringing their children to rallies against African Americans, Jews and "communists."

Important as these reasons are for protesting AFTAH, our own LGBT civil rights struggle shows that there are civil rights opportunities to be gained by not taking an "ignore them and they'll go away approach" towards groups like AFTAH.

[I]n the late 1970s when the pro-gay movement which brought us Harvey Milk defeated the anti-gay movement represented by Anita Bryant, they did it by successfully labeling Bryant as a narrow-minded bigot very reminiscent of the bigots which the African American Civil Rights Movement organized against. All the "pro-family" and "Save Our Children" saccharine in the world could not protect her from a pro-gay movement which peeled away the patriotic and "Christian" façade to reveal a nasty bigot underneath.

For the most part, our present-day mainstream LGBT leaders repeatedly fail to take on the present-day Anita Bryants. Instead, while AFTAH and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) spew out vitriol suggesting that we are a bunch of disease-ridden child molesters, pro-gay leaders typically pull their punches and prefer to shy away from labeling creeps in AFTAH and NOM as the anti-gay bigots that they are. The result, in contrast to our 1978 victory over California's anti-gay Briggs Amendment, is our defeat in many eminently winnable anti-gay referenda fights over the past few years, including in places like Maine where we held a 2-to-1 fundraising advantage.

Rather than paint the Catholic and Mormon Church leaderships as bigots opposed to equal rights and painting them into a corner the way that Harvey Milk, et al, did against Anita Bryant, most LGBT leaders give anti-gay leaders like the Pope a pass; instead, they try to compete on the same terrain by setting up "faith-based" divisions at organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and out-doing the bigots in demonstrating our "godliness" and "pro-family values" (whether we're Christian or not, or whether we consider ourselves part of families or not).

So as important as it is to oppose AFTAH's nasty attempt to indoctrinate the next generation with anti-LGBT hate, our protest on Thursday night is about much more than that, too. It is also about breaking from the failed strategy which gave us the California Prop 8 and Maine Question 1 defeats. It's about rejecting a "kids-glove" treatment towards anti-gay leaders who, like AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera, relentlessly push anti-equality legislation and constitutional amendments when given half a chance.

Please join us in protest against "Americans For Truth About Homosexuality," 7:30 PM sharp, Thursday, August 5 in front of the "Christian Liberty Academy," 502 W. Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL. For those traveling from Chicago, please meet us at 6 PM sharp in front of the Ogilvie Transportation Center Metra station, 500 W. Madison Street, Chicago - just look for the Pride flag! (cell phone contact 773.209.1187)

Help organize for the protest by joining the Facebook event for it and inviting your friends! --
The protest is co-sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network, DuPage NOW, Woodstock/McHenry County PFLAG, La Voz de los de Abajo, Join the Impact-Chicago and the International Socialist Organization.

Is the America you want for you and your children, with thugs like these deciding who may and may not speak? If not, it is necessary for all good people to be fearless and stand against it whenever and wherever it happens, and not be intimidated.

MassResistance will likely have reporters on the scene to let you know what happens.