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How a group of Christian students successfully confronted the homosexual "Day of Silence" with "Day of Truth" at local high school

A group of students take on the dishonesty and hysteria with fearlessness and grace

POSTED: July 15, 2010

As we reported a few months back, this past April 16 high schools (and even middle schools) across America held the homosexual "Day of Silence" and pressured all students to participate. It has become an all-day event of unparalleled homosexual propaganda targeting schoolchildren. It's an outrage to parents and kids alike.

But at Chelmsford High School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, a bold group of Christian students did something about it. They decided to organize a "Day of Truth" to counter the homosexual propaganda. They got the idea from the national Day of Truth website, which encourages kids to stand up to the pro-homosexual Day of Silence bullying.

But the group of Chelmsford kids, who had started a school Christian club, were bold and unapologetic about their message being unabashedly Christian and religious despite pressure to keep their message "secular."

It was a battle just to get permission

MassResistance worked with one of the parents to help plan it. When the kids approached the principal with the idea, she was immediately hostile to it. But when two of the kids' parents intervened and argued that the school had a requirement to allow different viewpoints, the principal relented - but with rather severe restrictions: The students could have a table during the lunch hour to show their materials, but were not allowed to engage in conversation with fellow students and were not allowed to hand out materials.

Later the principal decided that even that was too controversial. Instead, they were told they could host an after-school session where students could meet together to discuss their various perspectives on homosexuality. The principal was concerned about allowing "religious" materials during the school day, and about the nature of the materials, which she felt would be considered "hateful."

An amazing event

It was finally scheduled for after school on April 28, in a designated room. But as soon as word got out, they began to be targeted with ugly anti-Christian anger. Groups of kids in school approached them (usually groups, not individuals!) and said things like "What you're doing is hateful. You shouldn't be allowed to do it." When they put up their posters advertising the Day of Truth, within ten minutes about half of them were torn down. The principal had to make a school-wide announcement demanding that the posters not be vandalized.

On the afternoon of the event, quite a few pro-homosexual students showed up, many from the Gay-Straight Alliance club. The students all sat around a large table, a group at each end. A few parents came, and MassResistance was also invited. The principal was there for part of the time. A guidance counselor who was also faculty advisor to the Christian Club acted as moderator.

It was a great event! It lasted nearly two hours and the Christian kids were incredible. They were rock-solid in their knowledge and reasoning, calm in their demeanor, and handled the hostile questions and comments from the other kids with firmness and clarity. They talked about not only Biblical issues, but also discussed medical, psychological, and other issues regarding homosexuality. It was quite amazing to watch. The pro-gay kids had clearly never encountered that before and pretty much disarmed and taken aback.

Here's what one of the mothers who was there later wrote about it:

2010 Day of Truth at Chelmsford High School

Some people say it's the most hateful event that happened at Chelmsford High School this year. It all started when three courageous Christian students decided to hold a Day of Truth in response to the annual Day of Silence.

Their message was simple - that all people are created in the image of God and are therefore to be loved and respected, that the Bible holds the definitive word on what marriage should be (a union between a man and a woman), and that Christ's followers are to model their lives after His.

Their motivation was two-fold -- to offer a different perspective than that promoted by the Day of Silence, and to express their concern for the welfare of their fellow students.

The Day of Truth was held on April 28, and on the following day after school about 30 students situated themselves around a long rectangular table in the school's career center to discuss the topic of homosexuality. Many were members of the GSA club. Those who supported homosexuality significantly outnumbered those who did not.

The topics discussed ranged the gamut - e.g., why God considers homosexuality a sin, the validity and inerrancy of the Bible, whether abstinence before marriage is realistic, the health risks of the homosexual lifestyle, etc. Throughout the session, which at times was marked by rambunctious adolescent behavior by those wearing rainbow colors, the three Christian teens who facilitated the discussion displayed composure and intelligence. They responded to questions with sound Biblical wisdom and factual information backed up by research.

It struck me, as an observer of the after-school event, that if this is the most hateful thing that occurred at Chelmsford High School this year, our community is in a lot better shape than I had thought, and that those who consider it the most hateful event must live awfully sheltered lives.

Maybe more than anything else, it was a success because it was students who weren't cowering to the intellectual dishonesty and hysteria around them, but confronting it head on.

If more kids around the country had the fearlessness, intelligence, and grace to stand up and not back down -- and if their parents were willing to come in and back them up the way these did -- the days of the homosexual movement in the schools would surely be numbered.