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Politicians, corporations honor cross-dresser who works with kids -- as Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade

No problem, say politicians

POSTED: June 10, 2010
UPDATED: June 17, 2010

It's madness.

Last weekend a swarm of politicians from Gov. Deval Patrick on down and major prominent corporations marched in (and sponsored) the "Gay Pride Parade". They honored "Grace" Sterling Stowell as Grand Marshall of the parade. Stowell is a man who wears women's' clothes and runs a homosexual / transgender "youth" group which targets public school children. He also works with kids in the public schools as a leading member of the Massachusetts Commission for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth.

Stowell runs BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth. BAGLY describes itself as catering to youth "ages 22 and under", but appears to focus on middle school and high school children, and has a particular interest in making kids comfortable with transgenderism.

"Grace" Sterling Stowell at the flag-raising ceremony at Boston City Hall.

BAGLY's "rap sheet" of odious behavior with kids is so long we don't know where to start. They are most infamous for their annual transgender/gay "prom" for kids, held each year in Boston City Hall the evening of Youth Pride Day. At these events, adult homosexual and transgender (and occasional S&M) activists often mingle with the kids.

Here are a few examples of BAGLY's activities with kids (if you can stomach it):

Sex supplies for kids? Below: From BAGLY's website describing their Transgender Prom 2010.

Why does this happen with no media scrutiny?

As we've said before, this is something the media completely ignores, even the so-called "conservative" Boston talk show hosts, who, for all their bravado, are afraid of this issue. When we approach them personally with this information, they privately agree that it's bad. But it never sees the light of day on their shows.  Further, even supposed conservative politicians and candidates are avoiding the issue.

This not only includes the "gay pride week" events, but the whole spectrum of activities that go on throughout the year, in schools and elsewhere. Unfortunately, until there is a public outcry -- which we hope to see soon -- that's the way it will continue.