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GOP Candidate for Governor Charlie Baker marches with hateful anti-family homosexual activist leaders in Gay Pride parade

Incredible outrage to pro-family citizens in Massachusetts

POSTED: June 17, 2010

Remember the two "KnowThyNeighbor" founders?  Well, now they're active Charlie Baker Republicans.

In an incredibly blatant in-your-face move against pro-family citizens, Charlie Baker, the GOP Candidate for Governor, publicly marched in last weekend's Gay Pride Parade with two of the most hideous anti-family homosexual activists in the state.

Charlie Baker (in yellow raincoat) during parade with Tom Lang (left) and Alex Westerhoff (right) in white shirts with pink triangles.

As you know, back in 2005 over 170,000 people signed petitions to get the Marriage Amendment on the ballot in Massachusetts. Soon afterwards homosexual activists Tom Lang and Alex Westerhoff set up a website called KnowThyNeighbor, and posted the names and addresses of all the signers on the Internet and invited people to contact them and confront them.  (They've also taken it nationwide, and have led similar efforts in Arkansas, Florida, Oregon, and Washington.)

As a result, many, many people were harassed at their homes and at work. People were threatened with loss of jobs. They were shunned at local gatherings. Some people who signed were attacked in newspaper articles. It was an act of intimidation on a huge scale, and was traumatic for all of us. Many people have now refused to sign petitions at all. Is this OK with Charlie Bakere?

Near the end of the parade the three were still marching together.

Since then, Lang and Westerhoff (who are "married") have continued their reign of anti-family terror. Their activities include:

So why is Charlie Baker marching with these people in their Gay Pride parade? The answer shouldn't be too hard to figure out. The real question is: How can ANY person with traditional values support Charlie Baker?  (Or his hand-picked Lt. Gov. running mate, Richard Tisei, who is publicly pushing homosexual causes?)

And how close are these people with Baker and his campaign? They are all from the North Shore, and wealthy. Are they part of Baker's inner circle?

Imagine what things will be like if this man is elected Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican, if these are the kinds of people he feels comfortable with.