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Rainbow flag raised over Boston City Hall by politicians, city officials, and homosexual activists to celebrate "Gay Pride Week"

Honors cross-dresser who runs youth group -- as "Grand Marshal"

(See exclusive video below)

POSTED: June 10, 2010

This is definitely not the time to be visiting Boston with children (or even by yourself).

Boston's annual Gay Pride Week is a truly hideous ten days of in-your-face public homosexuality-related activities in Boston.

It was officially kicked off on Friday at noon - in an official ceremony - as a huge homosexual flag was raised over Boston City Hall, next to the US Flag and Massachusetts Flag. It will stay there until next week.

Here's what visitors to Boston City Hall see all this week.

This weird event was sponsored by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, and featured a speech by Boston City Council President Michael Ross, flanked by other City Councilors along with other city officials. Also speaking were various radical homosexual activists. They all spoke on the common theme that the homosexual movement is going to be fighting even louder and harder to push their agenda throughout society. From what we saw, there is no question that the Boston political establishment is marching in lockstep with them.

And it gets even worse.

Honors cross-dresser who runs youth group as "Grand Marshal"

At the center of all the festivities - as Grand Marshall of the Gay Pride Parade - is "Grace" Sterling Stowell. Stowell is a man who dresses as a woman and runs a homosexual / transgender "youth" organization, BAGLY. As a member of the tax-funded Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, he goes to public schools across the state. (We're not making this up - see #2 below.) At the flag-raising ceremony, Stowell spoke about the need to keep kids involved with the homosexual and transgender movement.

Boston City Council President Michael Ross reads proclamation praising "gay pride."

Next to Ross are City Councilors Ayanna Pressley, Maureen Feeney, Salvatore LaMattina, and Felix Arroyo.

Video: See it for yourself.  Excerpts from speeches by homosexual activists (including "Grace" Sterling Stowell) and public officials, including Boston City Council President Michael Ross. And the raising of the rainbow flag!

The usual child-like expressions of anger

The speeches by the activists reflected the homosexual activists' anger and hostility against society, which still refuses to fully embrace their behaviors. And they repeated their commitment to ratchet up the aggressive push to force their agenda by any means possible.

Nevertheless, hearing unending Civil Rights victim-status screeching, you can't quite excape the feeling that you're watching young children whine and stomp their feet because they don't get their own way. The enormous "pride" they exult over being able to fly a giant homosexual flag over Boston City Hall, as an in-your-face message to the public, only reinforced that.

But what was truly scary is the degree to which so many powerful politicians are wholeheartedly and energetically supporting this, and are willing to use their power to help advance the agenda. One almost feels embarrassed for them. Do they actually believe this nonsense? Or have they just sold out? The average person looks at this like it's something out of a strange movie. Unfortunately, it's real. One can only imagine what's next.

The beginning of a week of lunacy

The flag-raising on Friday marked the beginning of a week (actually ten days) of lunacy throughout Boston, ending with the big Gay Pride Parade and Celebration this weekend. (As we write this, we already have a backlog of bizarre stuff. Wait till you see it.)

And forget about the media on this

And as usual, all the public depravity of "pride week" will be officially ignored in all the media. No one will be exposing this or even talking about it. Even the so-called "conservative" talk show hosts on the big local talk stations - forget about it. They don't want to go there. They'd rather be at Tea Parties talking about taxes. It's a lot safer than tackling this stuff.

A few highlights from the official  "Gay Pride Week" program

Big program for a big week. It's a little different than, say, the Carribean Week or Italian Week festivities . . . And this is just the program. It's 90 pages long and and this is just a taste of what's inside.


The fun never stops!


During a busy week you never know when you'll need a quick test!


The Republican Party's candidate for Lt. Governor gives his support for the week's events, even advertising in the program!


The Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. What a putz!


More scenes from the Flag Raising ceremony . . .

(Captions and text coming) . . .


One of the activists led the singing of The Star Spangled Banner. Oddly, the American Flag was directly above them but no one seemed to be looking at it. Instead, they seemed to be either looking at one of the rainbow flags or somewhere else.


Boston City Council President Michael Ross and "Grace" Sterling Stowell.


The Mayor's "Director of Constituent Engagement" reads the Mayor's proclamation honoring "gay pride."


The Boston police were keeping a close eye on any possible pro-family disrupters.



The ever-present victim status.


This guy was recruiting volunteers to fight for passage of the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes bill.


Looking up from City Hall Plaza.