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Republican State Sen. Richard Ross (Scott Brown's replacement in the Mass. Senate) marches in Boston Gay Pride Parade

Conservative movement deserves blame for slide to dark side

POSTED: June 25, 2010

Newly elected State Senator Richard Ross has repaid his pro-family campaign supporters by proudly marching in the obscene Boston Gay Pride Parade. Ross was marching with fellow Republican Charlie Baker, along with the founders of the homosexual group KnowThyNeighbor.

Left: Sen. Richard Ross (R-Wrentham) marching in "Gay Pride" Parade. Below: campaign photo of Ross from his website.

Ross was identified by MassResistance photos and video of the parade, and also by an eyewitness. Strangely, despite numerous phone calls over the past several days Sen. Ross's office refuses to confirm or deny that he was at the event. (Very interesting -- try Ross's office yourself: 617-722-1555.)

Also in the parade were numerous groups and individuals publicly involved with sado-machosism, bondage, transgenderism, cross-dressing, and other weird, dysfunctional, vulgar, and perverse behaviors, as well as advocates of polyamory and paganism.

Fellow marchers with Sen. Ross in the "Gay Pride" Parade

Last month Ross won a hotly contested election to take over US Sen. Scott Brown's vacant state senate seat. Much of his support came from pro-family activists! Ross had been a State Representative in that district.

Ross's slide to the dark side aided by "pro-family" groups

Sen. Ross (formerly Rep. Ross) is a very likeable guy. He had been a reliable pro-family conservative since he was elected to the House in 2004 -- when Scott Brown had vacated that seat to move up to the state senate. Ross was good: he had co-sponsored an earlier version of our Parents Rights Bill and didn't back down when the homosexual activists harassed him over that.

But they finally got to him in 2007. Ross had promised everyone he would vote pro-marriage in the crucial Marriage Amendment vote in the Legislature on June 14, 2007 which would determine whether it would go on the ballot before the people. But literally hours before the vote, Ross switched sides and voted pro-homosexual. The next day he told the Associated Press that he no longer believes that people should vote on the matter. "I know I did the right thing," he said. Another Republican state rep who switched at the last minute was Paul Loscocco, who is now running for Lt. Governor as an Independent with Tim Cahill.

As a result, the Marriage Amendment vote narrowly lost and the homosexual movement had a big victory. But instead of any retribution, Massachusetts "pro-family" groups actively supported Ross in his recent state senate election, calling him "pro-life."

But Ross obviously got the message that he can continue to support the homosexual agenda and still get pro-family support. Marching in the hideous "gay pride" parade? No problem. Ross, like other Republicans, has no personal interest in stopping the degradation of society.

The road to hell for conservatives

Why do "pro-family" groups support politicians who support anti-family causes? Because "conservatives" here have adopted the absurd strategy of supporting the "lesser of two evils" in any election. So a politician only has to be less bad on the issues to get support from pro-family groups. As a result, as liberal politicians get progressively worse on social issues, "conservative" politicians also get worse, but at a slightly slower rate.

On our side, instead of wanting retribution we act grateful that they're not worse. That's NOT how the Left does things.

And it will only get worse. All of the politicians we've talked to understand they can get away with this. The word is out.